Isla Chiloe and Another End of the Road


We had heard that the Isla Chiloe was really beautiful and also that the “end of the Pan-American highway” from Alaska and the end of the Pacific Coast Highway from Lund BC was at the far end. So we had to go now. Setting off from Osorno under cloudy skies we drove the 162 km to the ferry dock at Pargua and then took the 45 min ride across the Chacao Channel to Chacao.

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From here we booked it the 198 km to Quellon with drizzle and several long stops for construction.

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Tomorrow we can spend our time driving back along the route of the iglasias. The island is famous for its old wooden Churches.

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The town itself is on the ocean and with the tide out, there are a lot of boats aground.


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isla Chiloe 19

We did make it to “ the end of the road” to the monument and the sign.




We were cozy in our cabana with the wood stove stoked up.

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The next day we stopped to admire “old Quellon” and it’s church and some of the others on the island.

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The main town of Castro is famous for the stilted houses on the waterfront and the bright yellow and purple church on the main square.

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isla Chiloe 54

We were treated to some dolphins playing in the ferry wake on the way back.

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