F650GSThe truth is any bike will do.

Then why these ones? The question that all overland motorcycle travelers must answer at some point is which bike?  Search the forums of ADV Rider or Horizons Unlimited and countless queries have been made in search of just the right machine. For us the decision was one of practicality and more importantly fit. We wanted to keep the bikes the same if at all possible for easier maintenance and spare parts.

F800GSWe also wanted the right fit. Fit being the hard one. How does a 5.1 gal and a 6.1 guy fit the same bike? Not easy is the answer. Unless we were prepared to ride cruisers or small CC trail bikes there are few choices. Although the 650 twin and the 800 are not identical they do share the same motor, chasis and electronics. The availability of the low version 650 and the taller 800 was also a big bonus. Lots of similarities have made learning the maintenance and repair procedures much less onerous. In addition many of the parts that we have added to equipe each bike for the extended journey are the same. So far we are more than happy with our BMW GS choice.

The bikes all geared up for the adventure.

Sara & Her F650GS Twin

Daniel& His F800GS