The last of the Ruta 7 after 1000 km of gravel some rest in Osorno

to quintupeu 18

We were so preoccupied by the hockey the Summer holiday Saturday night when we arrived that we did not go to the Navimag office to get ferry tickets. Big mistake. When we checked out after the game and went to the office at 11 they were serving number 40 and we had number 58. By the time we got a ticket it was for the 245 ferry the next day. The problem is that this means if we get that first ferry then the second will arrive after dark in the town that is 60 km from the third and last ferry of the day.

to quintupeu 8

Step 1 drive the 70 km from Chaiten to the first ferry dock at Rampa Caleta Gonzalo

to quintupeu 9




Step- 2 beg the ferry guys to let us on the earlier sailing.

to quintupeu 14

to quintupeu 13

to quintupeu 17

to quintupeu 16

Step 3 race the cars the 10 km to the next ferry launch from Rampa Fiordo Largo to Rampa Leptepu. Then hope you can get on this one early. We arrived at 145 for the 2 sailing that finally arrived after 3.

to quintupeu 10

to quintupeu 30

to quintupeu 32

There was another couple from Chile on a V strom, who had tickets for the 2 sailing, but they ferry guys figured we would get on too. Two bikes came off the ferry from Ecuador. The crazy thing is I knew one of them. When I went up to say hi to Jaun Crespo he said I know you we are facebook friends! It’s such a small world of coincidences. Good luck on your way south!!

to quintupeu 31

to quintupeu 33

to quintupeu 35

to quintupeu 36

to quintupeu 18

to quintupeu 20

to quintupeu 26

to quintupeu 28

Step 4 is a 4 hours ride from Rampa Leptepu to Rampa Quintupeu along the inside passage.

to quintupeu 10

to quintupeu 45

to quintupeu 43

to quintupeu 42

to quintupeu 41

to quintupeu 38

to quintupeu 37

We got a cabana again so we could cook and be warm with a fire. We are looking forward to getting back to civilization, where you can get a fresh vegetable! In the morning we had 60 km to go from Rampa Quintupeu to Rampa Puelche, with the last 15 km paved. There was not too much traffic so the dust was not that bad.

to quintupeu 11

to osorno 13

This ferry runs every 30 minutes from Puelche to Caleta La Arena 30 km from Puerto Montt. Daniel and Orvar chose the 150 km way round on the 100 km of dirt to Osorno and Trevor (rear shock toast 2 days ago) and I (sick of the dust) took the ferry.

to osorno 3

to osorno 4

to osorno 12

to osorno 8

to osorno 7

to osorno 5

to osorno 9

The guys on “the long way round”.

to osorno 2

Carterra Austral 041

to osorno 15

to osorno 17

Now just 110 km to Osorno and clean laundry!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.44.14 PM


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6 Responses to The last of the Ruta 7 after 1000 km of gravel some rest in Osorno

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi, Daniel and Sara: Having a wonderful time vicariously riding through South America and stopping in Antarctica with you. Hope to see you this summer. Love, Slyv

  2. Bryan Pedersen says:

    Great pictures, much enjoyed

  3. Norbert Tietze says:

    Sara and Daniel .super report beautiful pictures fantastic weather.I think this trip We will do next year,we are in Cuzco ,towards bolivia and Buenos Aires we may meet you there ??
    Save travel and leave some Asado for us.this way you showing us the route
    Regards Norbert abd Greti

  4. Aurel says:

    I recognize these places, that was a beautiful part of our trip. I’m sure you enjoy it too and I hope you’re having an amazing time on your trip. Can’t wait to see you in France. Aurel & Marion

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks so much. You will see us for sure! We both want to have Mario’s beef Bourgeon again! Maybe you will have 2 kids by then????

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