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Easter Island Part 2

rapa nui 2 19

The adventure began when we rented a jeep to tour on our own.

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Taking it off road we headed to Ahu Te Peu where there are some platforms and stone carvings.

rapa nui 2 1

rapa nui 2 3

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On the way back we stopped at Ana Te Pahu to explore the cave.… Read the rest

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Easter Island a Dream Come true

Easter island 21 58

Today we got up at 430 am to get to the airport by 615 for our 815 flight, that finally left at late at 1215! The 3800 km flight from Santiago to Easter Island (Isla Pascua) takes almost 6 hours.

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This is one of the most isolated inhabited islands on the planet and is formed by 3 extinct volcanoes.… Read the rest

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