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Santiago Part 3

Another nice night on the patio at Casa Matte.

santiago part 2 103

santiago part 2 105

santiago part 2 110

santiago part 2 102

santiago part 2 101

santiago part 2 100

Today we had a 5 -hour visit to the Canadian Embassy In Santiago. WOW our tax dollars at work. We needed our signatures witnessed on some documents. By email they said just show up and we will do it for 25,000 Pesos (50$).… Read the rest

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Santiago part 2

santiago part 2 41

This morning we headed to the travel agent recommended to us by a friend. She had managed to get us difficult to find air tickets to Easter Island. It seems the tour companies buy up all the LAN air seats and so you cannot get them easily this time of year.… Read the rest

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A detour to Santiago

santiago part 2 6

Now we are headed to Santiago again for tires and service, but we have a few days to kill so it’s a short 50 km to Porterillos to camp on the lake and then 70 to the town of Uspallata.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.00.55 AM

We had a good night at the campground, but woke up to the first flat of the entire trip!… Read the rest

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The lake route

Puerto octay 11

From the dock at Pargua to Puerto Octay it was an additional 135 km. We stopped off in Puerto Montt for lunch and to try to find a cambio office for Orvar to get some USD. This is a constant problem for travel to Argentina, where you cannot use your visa or ATM card because you will only get the official 6-7 to 1 rate.… Read the rest

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Isla Chiloe and Another End of the Road


We had heard that the Isla Chiloe was really beautiful and also that the “end of the Pan-American highway” from Alaska and the end of the Pacific Coast Highway from Lund BC was at the far end. So we had to go now.… Read the rest

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The last of the Ruta 7 after 1000 km of gravel some rest in Osorno

to quintupeu 18

We were so preoccupied by the hockey the Summer holiday Saturday night when we arrived that we did not go to the Navimag office to get ferry tickets. Big mistake. When we checked out after the game and went to the office at 11 they were serving number 40 and we had number 58.… Read the rest

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Ruta 7 to Chaiten!!

After a great night with amazing stars in the sky we packed up and headed north 310 km for Chaiten. The first 60 km was paved and then there was pretty good gravel for a bit.


to Chaiten 1

to Chaiten 17

to Chaiten 19


to Chaiten 4

to Chaiten 5

Several others had told us how bad the 260 km of gravel road was, especially in the construction zone.… Read the rest

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Ruta 7 / The Carratera Austral to Lago Las Torres

Getting up the next day we were headed to Coyhaique in 234 km of which 146 was pretty good gravel.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.57.35 PM

to coyhaique 2

to coyhaique 3

Just out of town were stopped as they had cut down a huge tree, which had then fallen on the road so the guys pitched in to speed up the process of clearing the road.… Read the rest

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Headed to the Carratera Austral on the Ruta 40 & 41

to puerto tranquillo 14

We had to have an extra days rest in Natales after our big hike and the other guys had a day to see the glacier at Perito Moreno, which we had already seen and so we were a day behind them.… Read the rest

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Puerto Natales and Torres del Paines

Now for an easy 247 km to Puerto Natales.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.04.20 AM

We ran into the Malaysian team again on the road and Faizal Sukree took some great photos of us.

puerto natales 1

puerto natales 4



It’s a small town so we eventually met up with 10 of the 12 riders from the ferry ride for a Parilla dinner.… Read the rest

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