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Vacationing in BC!

IMG_6352 (1)

We have parked the bikes for 2 weeks near to Venice and are headed home to Vancouver for Sara’s brother Ben’s wedding this weekend. The 11 hours of flying and the arriving at what was about 5 am Venice time with no sleep made a mess of us.… Read the rest

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Croatia, Istria, and the long way to Bassano del Grappa.


It was already 32 degrees in Mostar Bosnia when we set out at 930 and headed to the coast of Croatia to try to cool off in Vodice.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 22.44.42

We made a small 15 km side trip to see the Dervish Tekke house.… Read the rest

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Montenegro, Dubrovnik, and Mostar


From Zlatibor, Serbia we are going south to the closest  Montenegro border station. Today we saw what we have not for almost 2 weeks… tons of bikers. We rode south to Novo Varos and then west to Prijepolje. Here it was a bit confusing and luckily we saw sign to follow to Pljevja Montenegro since the road did not look like much and the GPS kept saying make a U turn.… Read the rest

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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Bulgaria, and Serbia


Sad to leave Greece, but now we must head north. We are on a deadline to get to Venice for our June 29 th flight to Vancouver for Ben and Tedi’s wedding. We are planning to go to Ohrid Macedonia today.… Read the rest

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It’s all Greek to me!


Now were are off to the country where civilization began. You drive up to the passport control of Albania, where they want your passport and bike title. Here they stamp your passport and cancel the computer TVIP.

Meteora CC

Meteora CC-2

Meteora CC-3

Next there is a short drive to the Greek passport control.… Read the rest

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