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Headed to the Carratera Austral on the Ruta 40 & 41

to puerto tranquillo 14

We had to have an extra days rest in Natales after our big hike and the other guys had a day to see the glacier at Perito Moreno, which we had already seen and so we were a day behind them.… Read the rest

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Puerto Natales and Torres del Paines

Now for an easy 247 km to Puerto Natales.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.04.20 AM

We ran into the Malaysian team again on the road and Faizal Sukree took some great photos of us.

puerto natales 1

puerto natales 4



It’s a small town so we eventually met up with 10 of the 12 riders from the ferry ride for a Parilla dinner.… Read the rest

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Headed North to Punta Arenas

Well what an epic trip so far! Now north again to the Careterra Austral! But first lets get out of Ushuaia! Today we headed back 215 km to Rio Grande for the night.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.48.47 AM




The next day we went the very windy 80 km to the border at San Sebastian.… Read the rest

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Adelie Penguins, a Polar plunge, and cape Horn

Today we had a special treat as we had been informed that a colony of Adelie Penguins was near by. They are not normally found this far north.

GS5 pm 1

GS5 pm 4

GS5 pm 7

GS5 pm 8

GS5 pm 10

GS5 pm 29

GS5 pm 22

GS5 pm 32

The Adelie have a black beak and a white ring around the eye and they are smaller than their Gentou and Chin strap cousins.… Read the rest

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Argentine Islands

GS4 am 18

Today we say a ton on whales and then we visited the Ukrainian Vernadsky Base. Where they do research on the hole in the Ozone layer. They have the southernmost souvenir shop in the world and a fully functional bar. They brew their own hooch for 3$ a shot.… Read the rest

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Penguins, Ice, and Camping


The afternoon was spent checking out the penguins and then Zodiac touring the ice. There were so many crab eater seals on the fast ice (sea ice attached to the shore) it was amazing. We hiked to see the views of Mount Francais and viewed it thru the old observatory window.… Read the rest

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Base Brown and Port Lockroy

Today we spent the morning at Paradise Bay and the Argentinean Base Brown.

antarctic 3 base brown 1

antarctic 3 base brown 5

antarctic 3 base brown 7

antarctic 3 base brown 15

antarctic 3 base brown 26

antarctic 3 base brown 30

antarctic 3 base brown 31

We passed a Chilean Base located of course near the Argentinean base.

antarctic 3 base brown 3

antarctic 3 base brown 2

At Base Brown we hiked up for an amazing vista.

antarctic 3 base brown 44

antarctic 3 base brown 17

antarctic 3 base brown 35

antarctic 3 base brown 46

antarctic 3 base brown 49

antarctic 3 base brown 51

antarctic 3 base brown 50

antarctic 3 base brown 55

antarctic 3 base brown 54

antarctic 3 base brown 81

antarctic 3 base brown 64

antarctic 3 base brown 70

antarctic 3 base brown 80

They had a luge track to slide down.… Read the rest

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The first landing in the Aitcho Islands

After 2 easy days at sea we awoke to almost flat calm water.


After breakfast we had the first sighting of land!




We had made such good time we got a bonus landing in the Aitcho islands.





So excited to make landfall in Antarctica!… Read the rest

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A Dream Come True….Antarctica and amazing weather

Staying in La Posta Hostel is a dream. It was recommended to us by lots of riders including Annaleen and Uli who we hosted in Vancouver on their way from Ushuia to Alaska.



We have a few days here before we leave for Antarctica to tour around.… Read the rest

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