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Finally the last leg to Ushuaia

rio gallegos again 6

We had a 455 km ride for today back to Rio Gallegos with only one gas station between there and El Chalten at Esperanza at 315 km we got in line and gassed up before we left. We really needed the wind with us and we were lucky.… Read the rest

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With time to kill we took a side trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier and Mount Fitz Roy

el calafate 40

Getting up the next morning the wind was already stronger than yesterday. The first 80 km west it was strong, but not gusting. Most of the way it was manageable. There was only the last 45 km to El Calafate where it vas very strong, but with minimal gusting.… Read the rest

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Now for the serious stuff Patagonia !


There was almost no wind today and when there was it was 80% at our back!!! We kept south until Esquel and got gas again with almost no line. The old ruta 40 goes south from here but reports of very bad road conditions there kept us south on the “ruta 40” to Gobernador Costa, Chubut Province at 444 km where there was finally a hotel and a very long line for gas.… Read the rest

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Seven Lakes Route

Driving into Junin de los Andes we saw gas and got gas, which is the rule down here and added our sticker to the collection.

junin de los andes 31

The drive on the 7 lakes route is a must do!They have actually renamed the old highway 231 going from Junin de los Andes to Bariloche via Villa la Angostura the ruta 40 to make it look like more of the 40 is paved (signs say ruta 40 ex ruta 231).… Read the rest

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The start of the Ruta 40

chol malal 30

Leaving town there was evidence of the recent Dakar visit. We headed south to find the famed Ruta 40. But with the late start today we ended up just going 187 km in Malargue and finding a small hotel just off the highway exit.… Read the rest

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Finally Headed South to Ushuaia

san raphael 8

Daniels bike on the way to Rosario cut out a few times. Now this is very disconcerting on our way south to isolated territory. Well on the way in from the race it was worse in the heat. He diagnosed the fuel pump as the issue, which is a known problem with the 800 GS.… Read the rest

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Dakar Rally 2014

In the morning we walked the 3.5 km to the Dakar Village.

Dakar 2014 49

Dakar 2014 50

Dakar 2014 53

Dakar 2014 52

Dakar 2014 45

There was a photo exhibit at the command center.

Dakar 2014 56

Dakar 2014 63

Dakar 2014 70

Dakar 2014 69

Dakar 2014 64

Dakar 2014 60

We then got in the huge line for entry tickets. The end of the line was about 2 blocks from the monument entry.… Read the rest

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Road to Rosario

mendoza 13

Getting up at 8 after 5 hours sleep was not easy, but we only have 3 days to get the 1300 km to Rosario for the start of the Dakar 2014. Today it’s just the border and 400 km to Mendoza Argentina.… Read the rest

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New Years in Vina

Well it is finally the last day of 2013. We started it off with a trip to the ice cream shop of course.

New Years 1

For lunch we went to an empanada shop with pitchers that list how much more friendly you get as you drink more of it.… Read the rest

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Vina del Mar for Christmas


Now to race to the coast on Christmas Eve before dark and more important before the liquor store closes. We did have to settle for empanadas, a bag of chips, and a coke from the corner store for Dinner, but at least the botteleria was open for some wine.… Read the rest

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