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Now we are on our way to ALBANIA! Wow we never thought we would say that when we were kids. We needed to make a stop to stock up on supplies for the ferry. The boat leaves at 10 pm, but the check in closes at 7 (actually 9, but on line it says 7).… Read the rest

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Sicily, Matera, and the Zona di Trulli


We arrived to the island of Sicily in Messina.  We stopped for groceries as we planned to camp tonight. We had first though to just go the 28 Km to the first camp place, but decided to press on. It actually took over 2 hours in traffic to get the 62 km to the campground on the cape and we were an exhausted mess by then.… Read the rest

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Italy National Parks, Pompei, and south to Sicily


The forecast was for sun in the middle of Italy, but it rained in the night and continued on and off all day. It was a chilly 12.5 as well. The goal is to get to Norchia area where the national parks area starts.… Read the rest

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Sardinia and back to the mainland of Italy


Trying to catch up on the posts since the moving of the web hosting has put them so far behind.

From the cape it was a short 30+ km to Alghero for a 2 day rest.

We really needed a day off the bike mostly so I could get the suits to the coin laundry for a much needed wash.… Read the rest

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More of Corsica and then Sardinia


The forecast is still sketchy, but despite that we woke to sunshine again.


After a brief stop for gas and then at a bakery of coffee and a croissant we were excited to see the wild west coast of Corsica. We planned a 255 km route to stick as much as possible along the shore to Propriano.… Read the rest

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