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Mexico City

Garry Dymond kindly met us at Lerma BMW to guide us back to his home in Chamontoya, Álvaro Obregón, Ciudad de México.

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 1.58.01 PM

Garry and Yvonne settled us in and were amazing hosts! We may never want to leave “Garry’s Hostel”.

Hostel Garry

Garry & Yvonne Dymond

We ventured out (yes in MC and on our own) to connect up with some fellow BMW riders we had happened to meet at a Pemex on the way from Jalpan to San Miquel de Allende.… Read the rest

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We were sad to leave San Miquel de Allende, but south we went. After paying our first ever cuota or toll on the Mexico 55 we found that the road surface is not only not better it is much worse than the libre (free) roads.… Read the rest

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San Miguel de Allende

Now for adventure…..

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We planned a route not on the map or the GPS. It was epic however. We had almost 200 km of twisty curved road. The first part was well traveled and we saw many guys on crotch rockets.… Read the rest

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Jalpan de Serra

Starting out from SLP we had our first rain in weeks, but it was very short lived. (read rain suits on then off). Daniel found us a nice secondary road to get us from the city and out into the country towards Rio Verde.… Read the rest

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San Luis de Potosi

It was 190 km to San Luis de Potosi again on a good road without any checkpoints.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 8.00.50 PM

plate st Luis

The temperature was great for riding at 24 and partly cloudy. We again have a hotel on the edge of the Zona Historica. There are dozens of Churches here including the Iglasia del Carmen and the Cathedral de San Luis de Potosi and most have beautiful squares out front.… Read the rest

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Zacatecas Mexico

The 350 km from Satillo to Zacatecas in straight as an arrow but smooth as silk.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 8.00.12 PM

zacatecas plate

Thank goodness for GPS or finding our hotel in the warren of narrow cobblestone streets would have been a nightmare. We are 2 blocks from the Cathedral in the cultural center.… Read the rest

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Monclova to Salitillo Mexico.

Today we left our new friend Dominique in Monclova and headed south east to Saltillo.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.59.46 PM

This was a nice short 200 km day. We only had one stop at a military check point….Again he wanted to see the bikes and was very curious to see our camping gear.… Read the rest

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Heading for the border!

We rode from New Orleans along the Gulf Coast of Texas. It is amazing to see how much damage has been done by the hurricanes. We had to wait out another storm ourselves on Galveston Island, but we used the time to rest and enjoy some great ice cream at Rita’s.… Read the rest

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The deep South…Not what you’d expect at all

Heading South from Tennessee we landed in Hattiesburg MS. We got into the Southern spirit by having Alligator gumbo for dinner. This town has a very cute downtown core. Our preconception was that Alabama and Mississippi would be vast fields of cotton and Tobacco and that Louisiana would be a big swamp.… Read the rest

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