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Krygyzstan Song-Kul lake, “the big lake” and Bishkek.

Kyrgy Song-Kul-21


July 20 To Song kul  175 km.

Despite sleeping on the pull out bed in the dining room in Kazarman. we actually slept pretty well. The breakfast of rice porridge was a little hard to stomach. There was a small shop in town to get some supplies for camping.… Read the rest

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Osh by Gosh and then to Kazarman.



July 17 Sary-Tash to Osh

Despite sleeping on mats on the floor we actually all did well. We were up about 9 and after breakfast packed to go by 11. Our host (and chef) and his son.


We had a short 185 km to Osh on a silky paved road.… Read the rest

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Sary_Tash in the best of the STANS : Kyrgyzstan.

Tajik Pamir-219

July 16 Murgab  to Sary-Tash 227 km

Today we will go to just 25 km inside the Kyrgyzstan border. There is nothing at all in between the towns of Murgab and Sary-Tash except the border posts. It takes all day and not 3 hours!… Read the rest

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