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Heading for the El Salvador Border-El Impossible?


Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 3.45.46 PM

Setting out from Antigua at 11 am Daniel, Orvar, and I rode thru the capital towards Cuilapa and south to the border town of Pedro de Alvarado. On the way we were stopped waiting almost an hour at a construction zone.… Read the rest

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Road trip to the Quiche

Nebaj and unicorio 18

GuateRider organized a road trip from Antigua up to the Quiche area of Guatemala. We had an international team from Guatemala, El Salvador, Germany, Canada, and Australia. But first a day ride to Julios’s favorite breakfast place in the mountains for sausages.… Read the rest

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Hanging out in Antigua

Antigua 71

We are still in Antigua hanging out with GuateRider and GuateRider Girl. We cannot stop taking pictures in this lovely colonial town.

Antigua 46

Antigua 44

Antigua 67

Antigua 81

Antigua 60

Antigua 32

Antigua 98


They took us for a ride on Sunday to the La Reunion Golf Course for breakfast with an amazing view of the three volcanoes.… Read the rest

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monterrico 129

Now for the BEACH! we set out from Antigua in a pleasant 24, but as we drove closer to the coast it was 35 degrees. The ride here is nice and with very few of the dreaded tope. You pay a 5Q toll to cross the bridge over the canal in the mangroves to get access to Monterrico, which is a small town on the coast.… Read the rest

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La Antigua Part 2

iximche 11

We are back in lovely Antigua with the famous Guaterider as our host and local travel guide. Julio may be sorry he convinced us to stay longer in Guatemala, because we may never leave (he didn’t). This is a great walking town.… Read the rest

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Semuc Champey the wilds of Guatemala

Sumac Champey 56

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 6.14.34 PM

On the advice of our friend Julio in Antigua we set off from the lake into the mountains northward. We road from Panajachel up into the Quiche (kee-chay). The road from Sacapulas to San Cristobal Verapaz is unpaved and mostly good, but at times was sort of like driving up a river bed.… Read the rest

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Antigua Guatemala

Antigua  2

Antigua  118

Dan was so happy to buy our first Guatemalan gas for our weekend trip up to Antigua at Texaco. The views as we drove along the old highway of the lake and the volcanoes were amazing. The route was very twisty and mountainous and involved several river crossings where the road was washed away.… Read the rest

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Panajachel guatemala

Panajachel Guatemala 140

After 6 months on the road we needed a little down time and we decided upon Panajachel, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. It’s only 177 km from the Mexican border, but the drive took us about 5 hours. The first section of the “highway” near the border is very rough with mostly potholes and full of big trucks going 20 km per hour.… Read the rest

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Towards the Frontera Guatemala

Crossing into Guat, Finally

From Mexico City to the border town of Tapachula it is 1500 km.


The first day was an epic ride through the mountains to Taxco via tres Marias and Cuenavaca.


When we thought it could not get better the next days ride to Marquelia was amazing curves all day.… Read the rest

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