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Never Thought We Would Ever Be In Turkmenistan!


From Mashad, Iran today it will be 371 km to Mary, Turkmenistan. The road to the border is 2 lane and there are a lot of trucks. There is one section thru the mountain pass that is quite nice. We booked it the 186 km and just stopped for gas in Sarakh (Sarahs).… Read the rest

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Tabas, Gonabad, Mashhad


Today we 366 km thru the desert to Tabas.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 23.10.37

We plan to stop for gas and then at the site of operation Eagle claw disaster, which is 125 km from Tabas. The views of the desert change every hour and it is harsh but beautiful.… Read the rest

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No Shiraz for us in Shiraz and what is a Yadz?


Today our plan is to get going early so we can make some of the 467 km in the cooler part of the day. We are headed south on the Gulf coast road to Shiraz. Dan got up at 520 for some sunrise shots in the square.… Read the rest

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Is it Isfahan or Esfahan? Either way a stunning place to visit.



Today we are headed south on the Gulf Coast highway to Isfahan 462 km away.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 17.17.06

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 16.01.13

Step one get out of the city, which is much easier than getting in as the highway is only about 3-4 km away. We needed to meet the guide on the street and then fend off all the people who wanted photos so we could get moving.… Read the rest

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Astara and Tehran… a crash (not literal) course in Iran.


4 hours of sleep is not enough after such a long ride. We had also not set the phone ahead and did not log onto wifi and so we were already 30 min late getting up. We scarfed down some breakfast and rushed down to the parking to find the guys packed up of course.… Read the rest

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Will we finally make it to Persia?

Border to Tabriz-25

When we came out to the bikes at the apartment this morning there was a card from a local moto shop put there by a friend of the owner. Moto Shop Armenia. You will not find them on a google search for shops or service.… Read the rest

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What Really Matters Interview!

WorldWide Ride: Sara & Daniel Pedersen Ride Around the World on Motorcycles

This in an interview we did recently as a part of a podcast series. We hope you enjoy it!



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