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More of Corsica and then Sardinia


The forecast is still sketchy, but despite that we woke to sunshine again.


After a brief stop for gas and then at a bakery of coffee and a croissant we were excited to see the wild west coast of Corsica. We planned a 255 km route to stick as much as possible along the shore to Propriano.… Read the rest

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The round about way to Corsica


We have booked ferry tickets to Bastia,Corsica from Livorno, Italy. We chose this crossing since it is only 4 1/2 hours and leaves and arrives in the day time. The more southern crossing to Sardinia is an overnight ferry with the need for an expensive stateroom.… Read the rest

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Avigonon, Monaco, and north in France


Today is is sunny again but only 10 degrees. We had to put the gas for the stove in the 800 to make it to the gas station since we had not seen one on the way into town! We had 287 km and 3.5 hours to go on the small roads to Avignon.… Read the rest

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To the coast of Spain at Alicante and north to Carcassone, France.


We had a 468 KM drive to the south west coast of Spain to our friends town Los Areneles del Sol, that is just south of the port city of Alicante. We pressed for 5 hours on the highway and made it in good time.… Read the rest

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Madrid again?! The last post of 2015!!!

madrid 11

Heading south again it was 2 degrees leaving the Bordeaux region. We backtracked to Roquefort and then veered west to Pau. From here we left the vineyard and headed into the hills again. There is a 7 km long tunnel that starts in France and ends in Spain.… Read the rest

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A Chateau in Bordeaux

saint emilion 15

We had a rainy night and it was still lightly raining in the morning. We had been invite to stay with some friends in a Chateau near Bordeaux. We had first met Anne and Peter at “the end of the road” in Ushuaia.… Read the rest

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The Pyrenees

cierp 11

We headed out late at 11 am north again towards the Pyrenees in France. We planned out route to cross Andorra for country number 43!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.00.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.58.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.58.39 PM

We had the perfect storm and over 2 hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic thru Andorra. It is a Saturday and the cross border shoppers are here in droves, the tunnel is closed so all the traffic in on one road, there is a big sporting event on, the boarder guards were spot-checking cars on the road after the slow down for the actual border, and there was a police check after that!… Read the rest

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South in France

carpentras 28

The weather has not improved much as we headed south from Lyon it got worse and worse. We plotted a course to Gordes southeast of Avignon using the secondary roads. We did not stop at Vienne as planned since seeing Roman ruins in the pouring rain is no fun.… Read the rest

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Lyon France

lyon 31

Franck had big plans for us for our sightseeing visit to Lyon. It did involve quite a bit of good food and wine.

lyon 12

lyon 13

lyon 14

The first order of the day in France is get the bread for dinner!!

lyon 16

We did spend one day touring Lyon, but on the way we stopped in Trevoux to admire the Saone River.… Read the rest

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From the Alps to the Pyrenees

brig 1

We arrived home to Rizlern and to another special dinner prepared by Sabine a Kaese (cheese) Spaetzle! She even put on her dirndl dress for us.

riezlern part 2 6

riezlern part 2 4

riezlern part 2 2

riezlern part 2 3

We took in one of the local chair lifts and an amazing Austrian traditional lunch.… Read the rest

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