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We woke to a rain storm, but on the satellite it looked like it was  going to pass by noon. When we set out at 1130 it was already pretty much stopped raining. The oil light on the 650 was briefly flashing on start up yesterday, but the dip stick level was “good”?! ( this has been an issue with difficulty reading the oil level since we had the oil pan off for repair in Malaysia). Today after 2 days sitting the  light was on for longer. We rode over to the Coop and rechecked the oil and at a flatter location it was low and we added 250 cc. The light was still flashing very briefly on at start up only. Hoping to get home without having the bike on a truck.


We continued north and then west on the 41 for the 378 km to Kindersley.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 18.29.58


It was warmer  today at 16, but the cloud cover continued until 4 pm. We stopped south of Saskatoon for gas and to check the oil again and it was apparently good.


We has a rest and  a snack in Rosetown at 4 and this was when the sun was finally out and it was now 26.




We had 85 km to Kindersley. Checking the oil again it was still an issue and in the end we added another 250 cc. There are a few hotels here and we checked into one on the main drag. The bike is running better, but the oil thing is stressful. It is burning a bit for sure with the huge mileage and I think we got fooled by the level of the dip stick. We are wondering if the guys in Malaysia did not reinstall the oil pan/gasket properly after it was repaired.



This morning it is 10 degrees and after warming the bike we topped it up with another 250 cc and the fuel light is no longer flashing at start up. That said we had also put 250 cc in the 800 and were happy there was a Walmart just up the road to get another liter of oil. We have 1200 km to go and as long as we keep the oil topped up we are sure we can make it home. Luckily today it is just 321 km to Brooks Alberta.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 19.31.54

We continued west on the 7 to the Alberta border after 63 km and it changes to the 9.



We then turned south on the 36 just before Hanna. It hits the TransCanada just 10 km west of Brooks.



We got to Brooks at 3 after 321 km. There are a lot of hotel choices here. but we settled on a small motel with a kitchenette. They are calling for snow later this week, but it is still 4-5 degrees at night now.


We rode north to the 544 and then east to the Dinosaur Provincial park. This is an active dig site for Tyrell archaeologists. It is a chilly 9 degrees this afternoon and we are happy to head back to the motel and snuggle in for the rest of the day.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 14.34.34





We had a nice late start today so it would warm up a bit and was 11 degrees when we left for Calgary at 10am.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.08.17

We got on the TransCanada west until Gleichen and then veered south towards High River. There are several First nations settlements, but no where for lunch and so we diverted back to the highway at Strathmore on the #1 to hit the Husky Station for a hearty real Canadian meal. We then rode south off the 1 on the 24 to arrived to Kevin (who we met in 2017 in Kazakhstan) and Lisa’s by 130.





We had a great evening with them and Carrie (also fro 2017 in Kazakhstan) as well. The guys  regaled us with the trials and tribulation of their second attempt to get to Mongolia. Last year their group of 5 dropped to 2 by the time we met them on the way to Almaty.  We are feeling pretty lucky that we all made it on our planned route with all 4 bikes.

It was 6 degrees when we left Kevin’s this morning for the short ride to Dan’s childhood haunt Peter’s drive in for burgers and milkshakes when it is 8 degrees?! Trevor was working nearby and joined us and then set us up at his place for the evening. For dinner we all met at a local Uzbek restaurant for dinner.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.10.29



We have a detour from our trip for the next 2 days we are flying to Vancouver for an event and then arriving back to Calgary. It is a good thing as snow is forecast for the weekend and it is supposed to warm up Monday for our last 700 km!!! It was a quick 90 min to Vancouver by plane!  We managed to get party outfits as riding clothes would not do, sim cards, pedicures, and a quick visit to Dan’s parents who were in town for a surprise visit before we headed to the party.





The flight back is another quick 90 min and Trevor picked us up. We headed into the city for a bit of a walk along the river and then went to pick up Guðmundur. You might remember him as the rider from Iceland that we knew on line, but met randomly on the way to Ushguli Georgia and then again in Ulan Ude Russia. He saw our post about Peter’s  drive in with Trevor and messaged us that he will arrive today to Calgary on his way back from Alaska. He is shipping his bike from there to Frankfurt on Tuesday. We had a nice dinner out and heard all about his trip.




We have been obsessively checking out the forecast as we are trying to “thread the needle” to get thru the rockies with the best conditions and it looks like tomorrow is the day. This means today we will ride to see a few folks even thought it is 3 degrees and drizzling.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.20.24

We set out west on the #1 first to Bowness to see Dan’s Aunt Annamieka . We had learned that his Uncle was very sick when we were in Toronto and decided to speed up our trip to try and see him. He unfortunately passed away just after we left Toronto. We were sad to miss him, but still happy to be able to visit with the family.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.09.55


It is now 2 degrees and we rode further west to the #22 and then south to Bragg Creek and west again to Pridis. On the way here it was 1.5 degrees!! We arrived to the home of Blaine and Lenka, who had a nice wood fire  stove stoked up for us. Blaine we  first met in Banos Ecuador in 2013 and then again in Ushuaia in 2014. He has been to SA and even Ushuaia several times and the last in 2017 with Lenka. It was so nice to finally meet her. She even knows Orvar as they were on the  Stahlratte  together in 2013. She prepared us a very delicious lunch and Blaine talked with “word gusts” up to 15 words per second. Actually we had a great time hearing telling and listening to each others stories.




It is now 430 pm and about 2 degrees. We have a back track to the 22 and then the Springbank road  to the home of Dan’s aunt and uncle Ruth and Gordon. They warmly welcomed us with an open garage to park the bike and a delicious meal. We had a lovely evening to visit them.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.20.49




Looking at the weather, the highway cams, and pavement thermometers along our route today look like it will be optimal as predicted. This is a 24 hour window of warmer weather.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.22.55

Setting out from Springbank it was 6 degrees,  but it warmed up to 8 by the time we got to the Banff National Park.







This is where we “connected the  lines” when we passed under the Icefields parkway overpass.







It was a bit colder between Banff and lake Louise down to 4, but when we got stopped for 30 min for blasting 15 km from Field it was 3 and we had to do some jumping jacks. In total we had 4 traffic delayed for construction of the twinning of the highway and today this cost us over an hour.










We made it to Golden to the Husky for lunch and it was 12 degrees. We are now on the down hill of the rockies with temps 10-12 all the way to Revelstoke thru Rogers Pass.




In Revi we found a decent place and it is 600 m from our favorite bar with a great steak dinner.


We are finally on the last day of our epic adventure. We have 248 km to go to Kamloops and we will take the scenic route via Armstrong.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.26.39





We headed west on the #1 to Sicamous and then south on the 97 A to just past Armstrong.


From there we went on the 97 North to just past Monte Creek, where we did a small detour on Duck Range Road.



This is where we started from on June 22. 2012 and we wanted to “end here” and get some photos. This is where we stored our old Dodge truck for the last 18 months and where we will store the bikes in our barn later this week after their oil change.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.27.08

And so it begins

Daniel bike odometer start







From here we headed into the city to an amazing welcome home at Dan’s parents.





Thats all folks.



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40 Responses to Home from the Center

  1. Lars Lundin says:

    I’ve been following your trip for some time now and it’s really nice to see that you’re home and all is well, just want to thank you for all the work you have done sharing your adventures with all of us, it’s been a bless to take part in all the good stories and all smiles on all of your pictures. Thank you!!

    • Sara says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to send us a note. It was a lot of work to keep the blog up, but I think it will make a nice way for us to look back on the trip in years to come. Appreciate your comments. Sara

  2. Andrew says:

    WHAT a journey !!!!!

    …been a pleasure to have been along with you

    Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bryan Pedersen says:

    Love you guys and very happy to have you both back home safe and sound

  4. Steve says:

    Daniel and Sarah,
    What can anyone say other than, Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with all of us.
    From the beginning it’s been a pleasure to see the world vicariously through your posts and trust that from the end of the world wide ride is just the beginning of another new adventure.
    All the best in whatever you both decide to do!
    Steve in Calgary

    • Sara says:

      Thanks so much for the message! It will be fun to re read the blog for us in years to come. We are home to Kamloops for a bit to refresh and rest before we set out on the next one! Cheers Sara

  5. Lois Wilson says:

    Dan and Sara
    So glad you are home safely. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and will miss traveling through your eyes. Amazing what you’ve accomplished. Take good care and if you’re ever by Treetops stop by we’d love to see you.
    The Wilsons

    • Sara says:

      Thank you guys so much! We will let you know if we will be in POMO! Still feels like home for us there. Hope you are all well. xo Sara

  6. Joe M says:

    Thanks for having us along.
    Look forward to new adventures and we will join you.
    All the best always.

    Joe and Laura

  7. claudia Kraemer says:

    Welcome home! What a journey. You have lived the dream that most of us fantasize about!! What now???!!

    • Sara says:

      Claudia, REST!!! We were so exhausted when we arrived home. Looking at the pictures I would say haggard describes us! We will sit tight for 12-18 months and we have a deal we will not even talk about what is next for at least 6 months. Sara

  8. Kamel says:

    Welcome home Dan and Sarah!
    I can’t believe your trip is over. Thank you for sharing your stories and your pictures. We have been following this amazing adventure.
    Enjoy your winter in Canada! And if one day you want to go back to France please let us know !!!
    All the best!
    Marion and Aurel (our adventure was quite short compared to yours! And since you left we had time to have 3 kids!!)

    • Sara says:

      So great to hear from you guys. You will always be our first ADV rider house guests! When we are back in Europe ? 2020 with new bikes we would love to see you in Toulouse! Also I still talk about your beef bourguignon!! You have to send us a family photo!!! Sara@worldwideride.ca!!!

  9. Ruth Lennon says:

    It was so good to see you and know that you are back home in “God’s country” We really enjoyed your visit. xo

  10. Sopel says:

    Wow!!!!! that’s all I have to say!!!

  11. Robert Hayes says:

    Sarah y Daniel,

    Thank you for allowing us to follow your epic journey, sharing your story and fabulous photography.
    Wishing you all the best..


  12. Calvin wakefield says:

    I’m so happy to have Met the two of you along your journey.

  13. Andrew Jackson says:

    So glad that we met you all those miles ago at the pub in Applecross,Wester Ross, Scotland. You have had an amazing adventure and both Jennifer and I have enjoyed reading your detailed and informative blogs.

  14. Denise Pedersen says:

    How sweet it is!!!! Oxoxox

  15. Chris Lennon says:

    truly unbelievable! glad to have you home safe and sound, Chris Lennon

  16. David says:

    Will miss your weekly Blogs. Has been fun and interesting travelling the world with you both. Welcome home and keep in touch.

    From Wellington

  17. Danielle says:

    Congratulations ! You have completed your epic journey. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the trip with you via your posts. Thank you for including us all.
    I hope you settle in nicely in Kamloops and enjoy some down time reflecting on all you have seen and done.
    We hope to see you both soon.

    • Sara says:

      Glad you were there with us we did feel the support!! I’m off to the ski swap this weekend to look at classic skis so I hope to get out with you guys this winter!!! Sara

  18. Ed von Euw says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey, your adventures have been very inspirational! Glad you both made it back to BC safe and sound.

  19. Sean Steede says:

    Wow – I’ve been following along from very close to the beginning if not the beginning itself. I may not have seen everything, but when I saw your video commenting that this journey started in 2012 I was simply shocked that it has been so long. It also struck me what a massive commitment you made to really making this a “world wide ride”. I’m truly happy for you, sad that the journey is over, but you’ve accomplished something truly incredible, joined a club of only a handful, and inspired folks like me to strive to do more to achieve our dreams. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

    • Sara says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to send us a message! I know crazy to think it was just over 6 years from the start to finish. We will have to get to more of Africa to get some more dots on the lower hemisphere. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Cheers Sara

  20. Dominique says:

    Waow finally coming back home after 6 years of trip.
    I follow you since the start. We met in Monclova in Mexico and start to discuss because you couldn’t have a beer in the restaurant.
    Welcome back home

    • Sara says:


      Of course we remember you! You were the first person we met in Mexico!! We have spoken of you often. Thanks for sharing our journey and also for making us feel more relaxed on our first night there!! Sara

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