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A holiday from the Adventure on the road.

Gillian & Bruno's Wedding 38

Now for the all night flight to Miami! We had a great week with 40 friends and family to celebrate the marriage of Gillian and Bruno. There was an official marriage ceremony on Friday night in Vancouver. Sara’s stepmother is a Judge so she performed the ceremony and we watched from Santiago Airport, her sister Emma from Tel Aviv airport and her Brother and his family in Ottawa all via Skype.… Read the rest

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Arriving in Santiago we stopped at Motoaventura to see if the Heidineu tires for the 650 GS had arrived yet. They are 2 blocks down from the new BMW dealership, which is now the second largest in the world. The service department will move from the old location to there in 2 weeks, so we headed there to see Filipe for our valve checks.… Read the rest

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La Serena to Santiago

Sadly we had to part ways with our new friends, but we will meet them next year in Brazil. We headed along the route of the Estrellas (stars) along which there are numerous observatories on the mountaintops.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.08.12 PM

wild camp 1

We stopped at a huge dam for a break.… Read the rest

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Taltal to La Serena

We retraced our route to Calama and then headed south initially to Antofogasta, but it was only 250 km. There were several ruins along the way.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 5.31.53 PM

taltal 2

This is a sign you do not see very often and just after the traffic was crawling for 10 km following the biggest dump truck ever.… Read the rest

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San Pedro de Atacama

In the morning we headed the 435 km to San Pedro de Atacama.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 5.31.08 PM

san pedro de atacama 1

On the way there is an aduana stop and no gas at about 165 km from Pozo. Here you have to go in with you permit to get it stamped (we are not sure why) before you can proceed south.… Read the rest

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Headed to Chile Country 14


The next morning we heard there was a strike of the civil servants in Chile, not what you want to hear on the day you plan to cross the border to Chile. We drove the 20 km to the border area.… Read the rest

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Peru Part 2

nazca 12

Arriving after 400 km to just outside of Chiclayo we found a hotel run by an Englishman and his Peruvian wife. This town however looks like you are in a mad max film. There are falling down brick buildings, wires everywhere, and garbage.… Read the rest

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5500 km south to Santiago in 21 days. Part 1

Mancora 6

Then we sadly said goodbye to our gang as we all parted ways in Guayaquil and Quito. We checked back into our home in Quito the Casa Helbling again. The next day we picked up the parts for Lulu from Rick’s Motorsport Electric that Tim and Glenda had kindly delivered.… Read the rest

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Galapagos Part 4

Last night we had a short sail to the nearby Rabina with its red sand beach.

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 5

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 2

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 3

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 13

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 14

The afternoon walk was to see the massive land iguanas and flamingos.

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 166

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 189

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 150

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 163

galapagos rabida cerro dragon 183

We went to the bridge for a visit to the captain and a chance to steer the boat.… Read the rest

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Galapagos Island part 3

Tonight we have an 8 hours sail to Genovesa Island in the north. It was sort of like trying to sleep in a washing machine.

galapagos genovasa 1

The first walk of the day we went along the cliffs to see masses of Blue Footed, Red Footed, and Nazca Boobies, and Gulls and their babies.… Read the rest

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