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A little side trip to Lake Baikal, Russian Federation

Russia Lake Biakal-2

Today’s plan is to get close to the Russian border, which is 354 km north and then do the border and the ride to Ulan Ude the next day. We have agreed if the forecast is wrong and it is still rainy we will say goodbye to Wolfgang and stay here to wait out the weather.… Read the rest

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Sent to Siberia?

Russia Novosibirsk to the Border-8

Today we have a relaxing 230 km due south to Barnaul. This is where we had our tires and oil shipped from Moscow and where we will meet of with Wolfgang. He left Hamburg 7 days ago and will have come 6000 km in 8 days to catch up with us.… Read the rest

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From Russia with love!


Tomorrow we leave Kazakhstan and again despite everyone telling us we would be pulled over constantly and hassled by police we did not get pulled over even once and in fact the police we saw never gave us a second look.… Read the rest

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St. Petersburg Russian Federation

st petersburg 33

The ship did not leave until 6 pm so we had a lazy day and time to get some laundry done. The campground has a vehicle storage area that we could leave the bikes for the 4 days at 16 E per day.… Read the rest

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