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La Falda part 2


We headed out today for a drive along to the next town and up into the Camino de Artesanias. This is a bad washed out dirt road which surprisingly has shops and stores dotted along it. The first stop was an over 100 year old farm where they make sweets and cookies from the fruits grown there.… Read the rest

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La falda

ride from La Falda 28

The big thing to do here in Argentina is to have an Asado, which is a special kind of BBQ. There is an art to making the fire and the cooking is done over the coals only. The meat is served to wooden plates and you cut it with huge jewelled knives.… Read the rest

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Time for a rest in Cordoba

cordoba 30

We could not get an economy seat and so we finished off a great week here with a Business class flight back to Santiago! It is time to go back To Argentina for a much deserved months rest in la Falda.… Read the rest

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Easter Island Part 2

rapa nui 2 19

The adventure began when we rented a jeep to tour on our own.

rapa nui tour 108

Taking it off road we headed to Ahu Te Peu where there are some platforms and stone carvings.

rapa nui 2 1

rapa nui 2 3

rapa nui 2 5

On the way back we stopped at Ana Te Pahu to explore the cave.… Read the rest

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