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Thailand- Phew that was easy


It is 253 km (4 hours) to the border and we have changed our plan to try and cross today instead of tomorrow. We usually do not do a border with a long drive on either side, but after the other guys only took and hour to get across we will try for it.… Read the rest

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Cambodia’s Siem Reap and South


We had a 6 hours lie down bus ride back to Ha Noi and then a taxi to our hotel near the airport. We had been booked by the travel agent in a 3* hotel, but the rooms smelled like dead bodies.… Read the rest

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Vacationing in Vietnam


We had a lazy day for once as the flight was not until 8 pm. We had Kyle’s usual Tuk tuk guy Uncle Nan pick us up at Beatnik  Bar and drive us to the airport.


It is just 90 minutes to Ha Noi, but it took almost twice that to get our Visas and get thru immigration once we got there.… Read the rest

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Cambodia Chaos


We set out at 9 for the very straight 13S south to the border in Cambodia in 176 km. We stopped just before to spend our last Kip on gas.

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We are a bit sad to leave Laos and the people who are soft spoken and very friendly, the riding is fantastic, and the food is good.… Read the rest

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