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Today’s 347 km may have been the most epic entire day of curvy mountain riding EVER. It included what is though to be the most scenic road in Brazil the Rodovia da Graciosa as well as the state park of Petar.

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Leaving Merretes on the pavement of the PR 408 we headed 14 km to the other nearby historic town of Antonia, which in on Baia de Parangua.

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From here you backtrack 7 km to the entrance to the Graciosa route.

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This 34 km road has 4 sections 2 are paved and 2 are bricks and starts when the PR 408 and 411 merge to become the PR 410.

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The rain earlier in the day did make the brick sections a bit slippery. The road is lined with rhododendrons in bloom. The PR 410 ends at the highway 116 and so you do have a 20 km stint here on the slab until Quatro Barras.

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From here you head north on the BR 476, which is a very curvy secondary road with awesome views. It is 71 km to Tunas do Parana and another 89 to Apiai.

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Too much speed and too much wood = big mess

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Here you head off road on a very firm dirt road on the SP 165 thru Petar Park to Iporanga in 41 km and then on sketchy pot holed pavement to Eldorado in another 71 km.

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There was a bit of good road at the end.

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Eldorado is a nice little town and like everywhere in Brazil your beer comes with it’s own cooler.

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