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NYC part two

NYC part 2 5

Back in NYC we took the subway to Battery Park and a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial. It will be a beautiful place in the center of the new towers when it’s done. Currently it is a bit upsetting how they have made this into such a commercial enterprise (gift shops etc).… Read the rest

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Road trip to Boston with the Lechas

Boston 44

Mario, Fernanda, and Fernandita flew into NYC from San Salvador on their way to Mario’s son Juan’s graduation from Berklee School of Music in Boston. We had to go along for the road trip!. The gang of course had to stop at the premium outlets on the way there to add to our pretty limited post riding wardrobe.… Read the rest

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May in NYC!

new york a 1

We have always wanted to spend a month in New York City and with the onset of the rainy season in Central America we had the perfect excuse to spend May there. Arriving  on May 1 it was on a spectacular spring day.… Read the rest

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All roads lead to Girag

girag 40

Now back to Panama City AGAIN!

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.35.16 PM

First we have to get back to the mainland so we had to wait for the ferry until 4 pm, which is of course very inconvenient as we will have to stay in Almirante again.… Read the rest

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Bocas del Toro with the Chackos

Bocas with the Chackos 9

On the Isla colon itself there is only 1 road to Bocas del Drago beach 15.5 km away so we headed out there and back before we could go to the hotel to check in.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 4.53.26 PM

road to bocas 35

road to bocas 36

The town itself is very touristy and there is a garbage collection dispute going on in town so it is strewn everywhere.… Read the rest

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Road to Bocas del Toro

road to bocas 24

We were meeting friends in Bocas del Toro in a few days time and decided to drive back instead of flying with them.

road to bocas 1

Getting out of Panama City in the traffic took almost an hour. The F800 was having some issues with the bike dying at speed.… Read the rest

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