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Mongolia Part 5: Now for something completely different

Tsetserleg to Karakhorin-28

The night was again noisy with some domestic issues of the hotel staff and an actual cat fight at 1 am. Because of the “the staff was not in “ for breakfast and we went back to the lunch spot from yesterday.… Read the rest

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Mongolia Part 4: Not for the Weak of Mind, Body, or Spirit

Wild Camp to Numrug-17

Today’s optimistic plan is to get 97 km to Songrino and then try to get to Tosontsengel village in another 87 km.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 21.34.38

We cooked up some instant oatmeal and coffee and hit the road at 9. It was 5 km back to the end of the paved road where we aired down the tires.… Read the rest

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Mongolia Part 3: Breakdowns and silver linings

Ulaangom to Wild Camp-27

It was raining all night and still pretty hard at 8 am. By the time we rolled out at 10 it was down to a drizzle.

The plan for the day was to try to get past Songrino to camp by a lake near there.… Read the rest

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Mongolia Part 2: Time for Some Real Adventure

Mongolia Uglii to Khvod-9

We have 220 km from Ulgii to Khvod  and the first 45 are paved.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.18.12



Mongolia Uglii to Khvod-3

Mongolia Uglii to Khvod-4

Mongolia Uglii to Khvod-5

Mongolia Uglii to Khvod-6

Mongolia Uglii to Khvod

The rest are under construction. The first 100 are pretty good with little sand or loose gravel. There are long sections with hard packed dirt. When its sandy we go for the grass.… Read the rest

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To Uglii = Mongolia -1.0

Russia Novosibirsk to the Border-30

It is a chilly 10 degrees this morning, but bright and sunny. It is 121 km to our destination go Ulgii in Mongolia.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.16.21

First we have a 51 km ride to the Russian border town of Tashanta. There is not much here 1 gas pump and 1 hotel.… Read the rest

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Sent to Siberia?

Russia Novosibirsk to the Border-8

Today we have a relaxing 230 km due south to Barnaul. This is where we had our tires and oil shipped from Moscow and where we will meet of with Wolfgang. He left Hamburg 7 days ago and will have come 6000 km in 8 days to catch up with us.… Read the rest

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From Russia with love!


Tomorrow we leave Kazakhstan and again despite everyone telling us we would be pulled over constantly and hassled by police we did not get pulled over even once and in fact the police we saw never gave us a second look.… Read the rest

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