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A locals tour of the real Bulgaria


Today we start a 3 day ride in Bulgaria with Assen. It is very overcast, but hardly rained. It was however cool. The first part of the day was to scoot down the highway A3 until Dupnica where we changed to the parallel secondary road.… Read the rest

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Team Canada meets up!


It is sad to leave the whole gang from Slovakia, but we must move on with the show. We started out from Takaj about 2 pm headed south to Budapest under the threatening skies. We planned to take the smaller roads and abandon them for the freeway if the weather turned for the worse.… Read the rest

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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Bulgaria, and Serbia


Sad to leave Greece, but now we must head north. We are on a deadline to get to Venice for our June 29 th flight to Vancouver for Ben and Tedi’s wedding. We are planning to go to Ohrid Macedonia today.… Read the rest

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