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NYC part 4

NYC part 2 21

We took the train to lower Manhattan to catch the ferry to Governor’s Island on Memorial Day opening weekend. Next to the dock the Helipad was swarming with tour flights. The ferries to Staten Island and the Liberty tour boats had massive lineups because Ellis Island and Liberty Park itself are closed due to the Hurricane Sandy damage.… Read the rest

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NYC Part 3

NYC part 2 63

Three more things we love about NYC are that you can refill your growler at the pharmacy and they have Donut Planet and Papaya King. There are so many things to see just walking around. Birds on a wire and iconic buildings like the flatiron Building and the Empire State Building.… Read the rest

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NYC part two

NYC part 2 5

Back in NYC we took the subway to Battery Park and a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial. It will be a beautiful place in the center of the new towers when it’s done. Currently it is a bit upsetting how they have made this into such a commercial enterprise (gift shops etc).… Read the rest

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May in NYC!

new york a 1

We have always wanted to spend a month in New York City and with the onset of the rainy season in Central America we had the perfect excuse to spend May there. Arriving  on May 1 it was on a spectacular spring day.… Read the rest

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