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Headed to Quito, Ecuador

We decided to dry out and go the next day all the way to Pasto.

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What was interesting is that there was no news or Internet coverage of the road closure at all. We initially heard of it from an Argentinean newspaper.… Read the rest

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Stuck in cali

buenaventura 18

Starting out in the rain from the Hacienda we were sad to leave, but the rain did not last long. The drive is scenic and the only 4- lane road we have been on so far.

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Arriving in Cali we headed for the famous Casa Blanca Hostel and Moto shop Motolombia run by Mike and Diana.… Read the rest

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The rain over night was very heavy, but by about 10 was a drizzle. We stopped by R2R moto to drop off a sticker and have a photo op. Unfortunately this was a statutory holiday and they were closed.

Chinchina 3

The day was spent in and over the mountains, and it was mostly raining, which sucked.… Read the rest

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The next day we drove to the center of town to the bank on the main square. As soon as we parked this great guy started to chat us up. He was so funny. People here are SO friendly!

medillin 2

medillin 7

Now to head to Medellin (Meh-de-jene), which was the previous stronghold of Drug lord Pablo Escobar.… Read the rest

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Piedra Rica

leaving monpox 32

Now we had to reverse our route back 100 km to the highway 25 and then west towards Medallin.

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The town was a bit flooded. The storm made the way back out the next day a bit more of a challenge on the dirt, but now mud sections.… Read the rest

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monpox 36

Well now we were up for an adventure. On Salvador’s suggestion we decided to make a side trip on our way west to the UNESCO site at Monpox also spelled Monpos depending on the map. This place really is stuck in colonial times, and is WAY off the beaten track.… Read the rest

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Next was Cartagena (car-teh-hay-nah), one of the exotic places we have always wanted to visit. To get there you drive along a narrow isthmus.

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cartegena 2

There are poorer villages out along here, and they were slash burning which is a challenge to see how long you can hold your breath for while driving.… Read the rest

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Santa Marta

santa marta 12

Next we really wanted to visit Santa Marta, because of its historic significance. It was founded in 1525 by a Spanish conquistador, and it is the oldest existing city in Colombia and it was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia, and second oldest of South America.… Read the rest

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to valledupur 3

After a good night’s rest we headed out at 830 am when it was already 29 degrees. Thank God for our gel neck bands they take off about 5 degrees and make an unbearable 40 into a not so bad 35, especially at speed.… Read the rest

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We are making for the north east coast at Santa Marta but with the super curvy roads and truck traffic this is a two -day drive, with a stop half way in Aguachica.

Image 2

to agua chica 2

to agua chica 3

to agua chica 4

For the most part there was not that much traffic and passing the huge semis on the curvy roads is a bit of a thrill.… Read the rest

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