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We woke to a rain storm, but on the satellite it looked like it was  going to pass by noon. When we set out at 1130 it was already pretty much stopped raining. The oil light on the 650 was briefly flashing on start up yesterday, but the dip stick level was “good”?!… Read the rest

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Alberta Bound!


Still in Ontario after days, but at least we are finally Alberta bound!

We woke to a much warmer day at 18 degrees and rode up to Little Current for breakfast.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 18.54.14

The road is smooth, but mostly straight and with peek a boo views of the lake.… Read the rest

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A Tour of Upper Canada


We are supposed to be in Pickering tonight at Sara’s cousins home to meet up with he family again. We set out the 120 km for Pickering at 6 15 and stuck to the main roads to make time. This was on the 7 to the 115 to the dreaded 401.… Read the rest

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Poutine and Cottage Country

Quebec City-12

Setting out from Padoue village we made for the smaller coastal route along the St Lawrence on the 132 west (route of the navigators).

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 08.48.09



Canada has 2 official languages and most everything has both French and English, except interestingly in Quebec where labeling and signage is almost exclusively in French only.… Read the rest

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Gaspé Eh?


Today we are sad to leave PEI and our friends, but we have to get a move on.


We are trying to get the 490 km or as close as possible to Campbellton NB. This is a good starting point for our tour out on the Gaspe Peninsula.… Read the rest

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Prince Edward Island


The plan for the day is to tour a bit around the Acadia park peninsula and then try to get as far as we can. In the next 2 days we have to ride 685 km to Pleasant View on  the west coast of PEI in 2 days time.… Read the rest

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Live Free or Die and Then Go to Vacationland!?

New England-31

It is Thursday and we are in Montreal and have to get to the Hamptons today. It has been pouring all night, but at 8 am it was dry out finally. We are trying to get 500 km to Max BMW in New Hampshire before they close at 6 pm today.… Read the rest

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A few things happened on the way to Montreal.


In our Kuala Lumpur hotel were up at 5 am, walked 5 minutes over to KLIA 2 terminal, took the train (you can pre purchase tickets as we did the day before and it is 2R per person) to KLIA1 / M terminal, checked in to our Thai air flight to Bangkok, passed thru primary baggage X-ray, took another train to C terminal, checked in at gate, took the bus out to the plane, and then had a bumpy ride for  2 hours = Finally in Bangkok .… Read the rest

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Frequent Flyer Miles for Bikes?

KL Malaysia-9

There are 2 ways to get to Kota Kintabalu, Malaysia where the air cargo terminal is located and this is by several ferries or by riding…. Ride of course.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 20.29.36

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 20.30.27

Today we have 321 km to go to kota Kintabalu, but we have 4 border crossings to navigate.… Read the rest

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Malaysian Borneo and Sultanate of Brunei


We are on a mission now to get to the Malaysian border in 678 km (12 1/2 hours on Google). The locals say it takes 10 hours by car.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 17.19.51

We set out under cloudy skies, but actually this was the best day we have had on Borneo and we did not have even a drop of rain.… Read the rest

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