Getting ready for the road again 2017-2018.

The route so far 2012-2017


Route 2017-2018

Route Germany-Czech-Slovakia-Serbia-Romania-Turkey-Georgia-Armenia-Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Gorno/Badakhshan Autonomous Region- Krygyzstan-Kazakhstan-Russia-Mongolia-Russia-Mongolia-China-Tibet-Burma-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand- Malaysia-Indonesia-East Timor-Australia-Tazmania-New Zealand…


Route 2017-2018 part 1 May to December

part 1 going East

Route 2017-2018 part 2 December to April

part 2 going East

Route 2017-2018 part 3 April to August

part 3

Well it’s time to get back on the road again now that spring has sprung the sun is shining!… Read the rest

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What do you mean Santiago is not actually the end of the road!?


And you thought we were done in Santiago?

“For many pilgrims their Way comes to an end in Santiago de Compostela. However, dating back almost to the discovery of the tomb of Saint James the Apostle in the 9th century, many of the pilgrims, decided to continue their journey to the Costa da Morte (“Coast of Death”) on the Camino Fisterra (the worlds end).… Read the rest

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Santiago de Compostella at last!


We are trying to catch up to some of our other Camino friends to arrive to Santiago (22.1 more km) together. They had not gone to Samos and were then about 5-6 km ahead of us for the last few days.… Read the rest

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Santiago Part 11 Ligonde to Santa Irena

Gillians Camino Pics-119

Today is a bit dreary as we set out. The road from Ligonde is a paved country lane for 6.3 km and then for the 3km leading into Palas de Rei you are on a dirt track alongside the main road.… Read the rest

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Part 10 Triacastela to Ligonde- With a detour off the beaten track


A detour to Samos…off the beaten track?

Today there is a choice of two routes to Sarria, both are equally pleasant although the Samos route is quieter. The choice is made as you leave Triacastela. Although the Samos route is longer it is easy walking for 11.2 km.… Read the rest

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Part 9 Villa Franca to Triacastela


Sunrises  and Octopus are the best in Galicia

The plan for today is to “get up the mountain”, but depending on how we feel we may go the 30.3 km to O Cebreiro (our first idea) or save our selves the last 5.1 km and stop at La Faba (Emmanuel’s better idea).… Read the rest

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Santiago Part 8 Ponferrada to Villa Franca


Ponferrada to Villa Franca Del Bierzo say that 10 times!

Today is a fairly easy day walking as far as the Camino goes.  Most of the day is through vineyards and along easy tracks underfoot.  The maximum change in elevation over the day is about 70 meters to Villafranca del Bierzo and only  23.3km.… Read the rest

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Camino Part 7 Foncebadon to Ponferrada


Foncebadon to Ponferrada: The Iron cross to the Templar castle.

It is 2.1 km uphill to the Crun de Ferro. The Iron Cross stands at 1,504 metres and is surrounded by the stones and tokens that many pilgrims leave here as a sign of leaving something behind.… Read the rest

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Santiago Part 6 Leon to Foncebadon


Walking your own way on the Camino from Leon to Foncebadon.

We are trying to set a new format for the post and so its a double dose today!

It is fairly easy to lose the Camino leaving Leon, most of the way marks are on the ground so care has to be taken not to miss any arrows especially in first light.… Read the rest

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Santiago Part 5 Carrion de los Condes to Leon


Walking from Carrion de los Condes to Leon with our Camino Family.

It was really a memorable experience here at the Santa Maria convent in Carrion de los Condes. We were unfortunately all woken up very early by some idiot who turned on the room light to pack his bag “because I don’t have a head lamp”.… Read the rest

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