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Will we be riding across Iran :) or Taking the dreaded “ferry” across the Caspian :(



Well first man down Trevor has been fighting a cold for a few days. Since it is Friday and we have no news yet from Tehran we decided on another day at the lake to laze about.

Dan’s voltage meter has been below 14.1 for the last few days.… Read the rest

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Armenia…Not sure what to expect…The unexpected?



We were busy at the moto shop with the shock and Trevor and Orvar had taken a day ride up to the battle of Didgori  monument and then they planned to leave for Armenia, but checking there spot they were not back to the hotel yet.… Read the rest

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Lulu’s resting up for the ride East.

Gori 2

We must be in Yerevan Armenia  to apply for the Iran visas, but as yet we do not have actuation numbers. So essentially we have time on our hands.


Gori 3
Today we are riding on the back roads from Gori to the capital Tbilisi where we will bunk in for 3 or 4 days.… Read the rest

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This is an Adventure not a Holiday


We woke to a sunny day. The idea today is to ride into Ushguli and then tomorrow continue on the dirt road past there in a loop  and we plan to get to the capital Tbilisi the day after.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.00.07

We were a bit concerned about the amount of rain and the condition of the “road” after Ushguli.… Read the rest

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Georgia on My Mind.


We have a short day planned today with just 2o6 km to Batumi Georgia. This gives us lots of time since there is the border to deal with and a 1 hour time change.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 22.59.55

The ride was pretty uneventful. We did stop for a quick power wash after the rain and mountain roads.… Read the rest

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Ankara and East.


We set off early today for the 464 km ride to Ankara. We started on the main E 80 toll road, but then headed to the D140, which basically cut cross country south east. The ride is up and down several passes.… Read the rest

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