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Three ADV riders Living the Dream = 6500 km across Australia in a Hiace Van?

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 20.29.27

Today we pick up our free “rental” van for repositioning from Travelers Autobarn that we had found on the Relocation vehicle web site. It will cost us about the same as 3 bikes  would on gas for the same distance.… Read the rest

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Darwin and the Northern Territory

North Queensland-2

We are back to out team of 3 for the long ride to Darwin.

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Step one get to Hughenden … or Charter Towers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 16.26.23

We had a nice morning on the Gillies twisty road.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 16.27.00


By 930 we were up on the table lands and though flatter and straighter riding it was not boring.… Read the rest

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Cai(r)ns it is!


We are finally on the last push towards Cairns.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 21.49.54

We have recovered from the stator trauma of yesterday and are up and out early. For the first 2 hours it was straight thru farm land for the most part on the A7 Country route.… Read the rest

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In Search of Bogans?


We are really headed north now! Well actually we had to ride south first to join the tourist route.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 16.51.07

We are trying to get to Cairns 1700 km north, but west as well. The road is surfaced, but at times it is just a strip of pavement down the center of a dirt road.… Read the rest

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Meeting Your Heroes


We have opted not to go north on the “coast highway” as it is rarely on the coast and we will head inland to the hills. We did have to first book it 129 km north on the M1 freeway (this after 30 minutes just getting to it from the city).… Read the rest

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Off to the Opera!


We dragged ourselves out of bed at 630 to get to the airport for our 8 am 1 hour flight to Melbourne and then the 3 hour wait for the 1230 and 3 hour train trip to Wodonga.  Marg was there to pick us up and bring us home for the night and an amazing dinner of lamb shanks!… Read the rest

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We have decided to go to Tasmania after all. We have burned 2 of our Australia weeks waiting for the bikes, but we still really want to go. The problem is again the ferry. There are booking for 2 bikes to get over this week, but no return booking for weeks.… Read the rest

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Melbourne and the “Great Roads”


We had our flight to Melbourne booked tonight at 1850 and the Russels kindly delivered us to the airport by car.  When 45 min before we boarded and we still had not heard from GT  we called them. AGH the bikes have been bumped off their flight by priority cargo!… Read the rest

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