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All the Roads are Blocked….and the Sky is Grey.


We will have to abandon the ride over the next few days we had planned up to Golden bay and Abel Tasman as there has been 15 landslides and the highway 60 is closed. It is raining lightly, but is supposed to be sunny today.… Read the rest

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Somewhere over the Rainbow?

NZ South Isand-225

We  do not have far to go today to Christchurch, but the weather is supposed to turn to another cyclone this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.45.40

Despite this forecast that it would be nice until 3 pm it started to rain as we were packing up this morning.… Read the rest

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Dansey’s Pass, Hakataramea Valley Road, and Mt Cook

NZ South Isand-219

We woke in Naseby to a sprinkle and packed up ASAP in a lull. We set out at 930 with a very cloudy sky and a number of very black clouds. The plan today is to ride both the Dansey’s and Hakataramea Pass roads and end up in Twizel after 317 km.… Read the rest

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Up Down Up!


NZ South Isand-167

The weather today is still “cloud and some sun”, but still cold at 14 degrees as we set out from Owaka and continued on the southern scenic route to the Nugget Point road.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 20.11.27




This is a narrow, winding, and sometimes one lane route that hangs on the cliff.… Read the rest

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The South Point is at Bluff…Slope Point I mean

NZ South Isand-144

Today we will ride out from Queenstown for the day.


The first part is to ride up along the lake to the town of Glenorchy with panoramic views. We took the first off road past the town and this is the Reece Valley road.… Read the rest

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I think we might be riding in circles?

NZ South Isand-138

We have only a 54 km ride back to Wanaka home of the Twomotokiwi, but we will make it into 165 km with a ride unto the Lindis Pass summit. This is another very windy day. Despite having the last 3 weeks with temperatures over 30 it has been in the low teens this week and it is 10 this morning.We… Read the rest

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Back country on the Nevis and waiting out cyclone #1

NZ South Isand-63

We had a very cozy quiet night at the camp on Lake Hawea and woke to sunny skies. The forecast is for high winds and some clouds today and the storm is supposed to hit late tonight and tomorrow. We rode back the 7 km with no vehicles ahead and so the dust was better, but Sara managed to ride thru a fresh cow pie that splattered allover her boot and lower pant leg DUH.… Read the rest

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Arthur’s Pass and the not so WEsT Coast


Leaving Christchurch we made for the #73 and stopped in Sheffield for their “world famous” hot pies.  5 star pie for sure. Today we must have seem several hundred bikes coming towards us over the pass and we found out why late.… Read the rest

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South Island-Molesworth and Christchurch


Today we are heading to the ferry across the Cook (as in captain) straight to the South island, but the sailing is not until 1330.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 22.23.25

We headed out just after 7 and made for Mike’s favorite coffee and scone spot for breakfast.… Read the rest

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North Island NZ 1-79

Today it is cloudy and cooler as we head towards Wellington and the ferry to the south island.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 22.27.35



We had planned to ride out to the Gannet colony at Cape kidnapper, but after getting most of the way out there we found the access is blocked by private land and you have to go on a tour.… Read the rest

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