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What do you mean Santiago is not actually the end of the road!?


And you thought we were done in Santiago?

“For many pilgrims their Way comes to an end in Santiago de Compostela. However, dating back almost to the discovery of the tomb of Saint James the Apostle in the 9th century, many of the pilgrims, decided to continue their journey to the Costa da Morte (“Coast of Death”) on the Camino Fisterra (the worlds end).… Read the rest

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Santiago de Compostella at last!


We are trying to catch up to some of our other Camino friends to arrive to Santiago (22.1 more km) together. They had not gone to Samos and were then about 5-6 km ahead of us for the last few days.… Read the rest

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Santiago Part 11 Ligonde to Santa Irena

Gillians Camino Pics-119

Today is a bit dreary as we set out. The road from Ligonde is a paved country lane for 6.3 km and then for the 3km leading into Palas de Rei you are on a dirt track alongside the main road.… Read the rest

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Part 10 Triacastela to Ligonde- With a detour off the beaten track


A detour to Samos…off the beaten track?

Today there is a choice of two routes to Sarria, both are equally pleasant although the Samos route is quieter. The choice is made as you leave Triacastela. Although the Samos route is longer it is easy walking for 11.2 km.… Read the rest

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