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Magical Lhasa!


Trevor was nauseated and had a headache in the morning and he bought an O2 travel bag and nasal tubing. After sucking back one bag he felt pretty good and the hotel filled it up again for him to take for tonight.… Read the rest

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To get to Tibet!


We had a big day planned as we are trying to make miles over the next few days to Tibet. It is 550 km to Dinxi and we planned the upper route as there is less speed control for the van and fewer tunnels for us.… Read the rest

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Xian’s Warriors

Xi'an Terracotta Warriors-8

We awoke to a lot of yelling in Chinese at 630. Apparently an entire bus of Chinese tourists had checked in here as well. We and the bikes are filthy after the rain and dirty roads yesterday. It is almost impossible to get laundry done here.… Read the rest

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Yungang Grottoes and the Ancient City of Pingyao

China Datong Grottos-6

It is another beautiful day here if a bit cool at 14 this morning. We have 344 km to Datong and then a further 19 km west to the Yungang Grottoes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 21.40.29

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 21.48.30

We are leaving this early as we need to get to the 5 th ring road and then across Beijing and out before the traffic mayhem.… Read the rest

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Ducking into Peiking!


The air quality in Beijing is listed as unhealthy, but so far today the ski looks clear! We had another “special” Chinese breakfast at the hotel (included can you believe it) and then set out the 44 km or an hour to Dreamwing Honda, where Trevor has service booked for his valve check etc.… Read the rest

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In Search of A Great Wall

Great Wall-6

It was now after 4 pm and we had 349 km to ride to Wulanchabu/Ulanqab and it gets dark at 1830. This is to try and  keep to what we have found to be the overly ambitious itinerary we have.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 21.27.49

These cameras will be everywhere!!!!… Read the rest

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Made in China

Erenhot China-8

It is Sept 10 and we have 4 days to be at the Chinese border. There are 2 choices 522 km on a track north east to the nearest pavement at Shainsand which will be sandy and washboard when not and still 215 km from the border.… Read the rest

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