Western Sahara, Tan Tan, Sidi Ifni

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This is a far south as Sara is going. The guys have decided to go south in the desert in to the disputed territory of the Western Sahara. The conditions of the roads, the 30 km “dry” lake crossing, and the last of gas will make this a challenge she does not want. Fun for the guys, not so much on LuLu, especially in deep sand.

The guys headed south 82 Km to Assa to fill up on gas. They had heard there might not be gas south of here so they filled up the jerry cans and a few water bottles and then picked up some provisions.

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They continued south to Zag where they passed the Military checkpoint and then they were chased down and told they could go no further for their own safety. There are apparently land mines and “other” dangers. They turned back and then tried to make their was south of the off road route listed on the map….This “road” does not exist.


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They did get to camp overnight under the sky FULL of stars and feast on Sardines, laughing cow, and Moroccan bread.

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They tried the next day also to find a route south, but eventually turned back because of deep sand.

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They turned back up at the little Oasis in the afternoon. This place had the best food we ate in Morocco. We were sleeping in a Berber tent in the total silence of the desert.


Today we need to get west to the coast. Initially we rode 64 km and tried to find the off road cut off route from the town of Taghjijt that goes between the R 102 and the N12, but no such luck. From here we continued to Guelmim with view of the low hills or anti-Atlas. We had a peak at the coast at El Quatia and then headed back to Tan Tan for the night after 320 KM.

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From here our goal was to get to Sidi Ifni in 252 KM. You can do this on the main road, but we decided for and off road route. The first leg was on the pavement, but there was a 50 km cut off to the Plage Blanche. We did start down this road, but turned back after 5 km after we decided we did not want to fight the sand all the way there. There is a paved road to the beach slightly farther north and so we made for this.

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The “beach” is isolated and there are no services. It is a nice spot for a lunch break of you guessed it Laughing cow and Moroccan bread.




From here we started back towards Guelmim, but then took the off road cut off towards Sidi Ifni. 90 % of this road is good hard gravel, but there are a few steep and very rocky sections and the last 200 m to the pavement is very steep very rocky and narrow.






Now we are finally on the “coast road”, which is almost never right on the coast, but you do have some views of the ocean. Sidi Ifni is a small port town where we found a cheap hotel on the sea with great parking. The best part was the hotel sold wine and beer.



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    Glad you guys are doing well. Looks like you are having a blast. Stay safe, Ed

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