Uxmal ruins

Uxmal 43

We rode south and west again to Uxmal.

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Traveling on the back roads involved some pot hole dodging. Got to love an amazing drive thru the jungle on an almost deserted road. Dan was very uncharacteristically swerving on the road and it was not until he stopped a few minutes later that I found he got stung on the face by a bee that came thru the crack his viser was open.

We managed to get a super deal at the Hacienda Uxmal which is located just outside the park. The next closest town is 14 km away, but there is a great little B&B there, the Pickled Onion run by Valerie a transplanted Brit. We had dinner there and enjoyed a traditional Yucatan meal Poc chuc or grilled pork steak with pickled onions of course.

Uxmal 5

Uxmal 6

Uxmal 3

Uxmal 2



The ruins here are really amazing with very detailed facades. It was neat hiking thru the restored and un-restored parts of the site.You can even crawl into the pyramids to see the layers of building underneath. There was a huge number of very big iguanas all over too.

Uxmal 86

Uxmal 85

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Uxmal 43

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After the morning in the hot sun, the best part was arriving back to the hotel and being treated to a cold limeade and a ice cold scented towel to freshen up with.

Uxmal 87

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