UK South..Castles and Hedgerows

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From Plymouth we took the Tor point ferry and then rode south on the east coast to the end of the road and then up the west coast to Redruth. We had been told that bikes are free westbound on the ferry, but no that is eastbound. We had no pounds on us and so the ferry crew chipped in the fare for us.

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The most southern point in the “continental” UK is at Lizard Point or “the Lizard”.

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From here we rode to “Lands End”, which is the western most point in mailand England.

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The weather has continued to be wet, cold, and windy. That however has not diminished the beauty of Cornwall. There are castles everywhere. Riding thru the tiny villages connected by one-lane tracks thru tall hedgerows is amazing.

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Continuing north we finally found a traditional old school British hotel in Redruth (think Fawlty Towers).

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Today it is raining again as we continue north and then east to Torquay.

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We made for Newquay and then to Bude by trying to stick to the small roads along the coast.

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From there we cut cross-country thru the Dartmoor National Park. Here on the high moor it was very cold and very wet. The conditions improved quite a bit by the time we arrived to Torquay.

We took along walk along the seashore and then had a pub dinner. We had to watch a few episodes of Faulty Towers here in Torquay.

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The weather is still dreary here in the UK, but we did finally get some sun today for our ride northwest to see Salisbury and Stonehenge.

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We rode north along the coast. Leaving the main rode we explored some of the small narrow hedgerow lanes.

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Leaving the coast we arrived to the city of Salisbury where there is the stunning Salisbury Cathedral. Pilgrims have been coming here since it was completed in 1258. It has the world’s oldest working clock from 1386 and the best-preserved copy of the Magna Carta.

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From here we headed further back in time to check out Stonehenge. We were not going to pay 17.50 pounds (35$ ) each to see the rocks that can be seen fairly well from the road.

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This is just 5 miles from the town of Amesbury where we had booked into an inn. There is a very nice walking circle route from the town that takes about 45 minutes and goes past fields full of sheep and the river.

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