To The North Shore!

husavik 1

Today we had 427 km to get to Blonduos over the “most fjorded” section of the coast.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.13.16 PMYou literally drive into the mountain when leaving town via the tunnel. blonduos 1

blonduos 2blonduos 3

Once we got over the mountains the day was spent going in and out of the long fjords.

IMG_5043blonduos 5

blonduos 6blonduos 8

blonduos 10blonduos 12

The going in was pretty good, but the going out was into the wind and much colder and harder work.

blonduos 13blonduos 17

blonduos 18blonduos 19

blonduos 20blonduos 22

Here in Blonduos there is a not bad campground that was luckily out of the wind. The best part was the N1 across the road where you could get a cold beer. This is a difficult thing in Iceland since you buy liquor at special stores that have very limited hours. At the gas station restaurants they can sell you a beer if they open it. Otherwise they only sell low alcohol beer.

Yesterday was just about making miles out of the isolated western fjords and toward the Northern section of the island. Today is much the same, but over a smaller distance with more scenic stops on the way to Husavik.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.14.47 PMFrom Blonduos we went northeast across the peninsula on the small roads and then up the nest to the pretty town of Hofsos. Here there are some basalt columns from cooling lava, and hot pools. husavik 1

husavik 3husavik 4

husavik 5husavik 6

husavik 8husavik 7

husavik 9husavik 10

husavik 11husavik 13

The road in intermittently dirt and there are a number of tunnels. The temperature today was an amazing 18 degrees! That meant ice cream of course!

husavik 14husavik 16

husavik 17husavik 18

husavik 21husavik 22

husavik 23husavik 25

husavik 27husavik 29

husavik 32husavik 26



husavik 38husavik 39

Near Dalvik there is a basalt sculpture carved by the sea.

husavik 37husavik 41

husavik 40We headed south to the city of Akureyi, which is the largest in the north. Here we could stock up on food at the famous Bonus discount grocery store. Here we were back on the highway 1 and continued east to the famous Godafoss falls. Legend says that in the year 999 the “lawspeaker” made Christianity the official religion of Iceland and after his conversion he threw his statues of the Norse Gods into the falls. husavik 42

husavik 43husavik 44

We made a slight backtrack from here to go north further to the small town of Husavik. The campground here is situated with a nice view and about a 500m walk to the center.

husavik 46DSC01701

husavik 48husavik 49

husavik 50husavik 52

husavik 53mytvan 1

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2 Responses to To The North Shore!

  1. Ruth Lennon says:

    HI there.; I love the beard. I am sure it was to keep you warm. I can’t imagine how on earth you are processing all that you have seen and experienced. I’ll bet you have callouses on your butts.
    We are having a wonderful summer and really enjoying having 2 little granddaughter’s to play with again. Chris bought this amazing water pool with a climbing wall and slide. It just blows up so we can put it away after a day of fun in the sun.
    Did you remember Morris-Art’s oldest son?. He went home to glory about 2 weeks ago and we are having a memorial service for him in Lacombe on the 22. He donated his body to research as he had a rare heart condition. That is the first of the cousins to go and to think that I am one of the oldest. Still hanging in there. Bryan and Denise are thinking of coming and so it will be good to have a visit with them.
    I love the way you do your laundry. It makes me glad that I have a washer and dryer.
    We love the pictures and your journey so keep them coming and be safe
    Hugs auntie ruth

    • Daniel says:

      Im sorry to hear of your cousin’s passing. I hope you can take strength from the family that can attend. Trying to get in touch with the family in Copenhagen. We plan to be there before the end of the month. Yes laundry is always a bit of an issue! We are in Estonia right now. hugs. Sara

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