The Geothermal Landscape of Myvatn

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We did stay at the campground at Myvatn despite warnings of horrible midges for which the lake gets its name. There was a breeze and cool weather and so we were midge free. The local rec center has a hot pool so we all went for a soak.

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Today we will tour the geothermal area around the lake and then try to head onto the mountain roads. We had heard that the F roads had opened the day before. That said we did hear the last 10 km was still snow covered.

The Myvatn lake was formed by an eruption 2300 years ago and the surrounding landscape shows the results. There are rootless vents or pseudocraters, lava pillars, and underground hot springs.

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We first headed 37 km and counterclockwise around the lake to see the nearby Mt Vindbelgur.

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From here you continue to explore the cluster of pseudocraters at Skutustadir.

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The east side of the lake is dominated by the Dimmuborgir lava formations. We did about a 90 min hike thru the formations.

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From here you can take a small off road to see the underground hot springs at Grotagja. You could soak here before the nearby 1984 Krafla eruption, but since then the vents have joined and now the water it too hot.

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Going back over the mountain you take the road into Krafla and see the volcanic lake.

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From here we rode 65 km east on the 1 to the mountain road F905 towards the center. It was a good gravel road, but it was very cold and windy. About 31 km in you get to the turn off to the F905/F910 towards the Askja caldera in the central highlands. It was already about zero degrees, very windy, and there was 81 km to go. We decided to turn back since the road was probably still snow covered. From here we rode back on the F907 to rejoin the highway 1.

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We had intermittent rain until we arrived to Egilsstadir. Driving around for over an hour we could not find a place to stay that was under 200$. By then the rain had stopped and we made for the campground in town. Here they have laundry and a nice common room. We also met Dieter who is a German who lives in Norway.

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