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The plan today had been to go 160 km north east to visit the d’Ozoud waterfalls and drive back. The forecast was for rain so instead we decided to just hang out and rest in the city. This gave the guys some time to work on the bikes also. For Dan this was to get the rocks stuck in my bash plate out. While he was doing this he found that 3 of the bolts were sheared off. Again this was from the hell road after bashing poor Lulu over the big rocks for 6 hours she is a bit busted up. Lucking he had 2 spares.

Today the sun is out again and we are headed south to Taroudant in 294 KM, but we will take the scenic route with a detour to Oukaimeden.

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This paved one lane road thru the mountains passes remote villages and offers stunning view of the Atlas Mountains. You access this from the N9.

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The kids are all out of school this week and so for fun they hang out at the roadside to see who comes by. The love the “hi 5”!

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taroudant 8


There are a few easy water crossings and a few washed out sections.

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The views are breathtaking!

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Headed down from the hills you rejoin the N 9 and snake along the river on a 1 lane paved road.

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This then climbs up again to the summit of the Tizi n Test pass. This road is listed for some reason as unpaved and dangerous on the map, neither is true. From here you snake down the mountainside on the switchbacks.

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Arriving in town we did not have anything booked. The first place we looked was in the Medina, but was a bit sketchy. We drove out to the main road and stopped at a fancy expensive Kasbah and asked to borrow their wifi. From here we found a camping place that had nice tents right beside the 500-year-old city wall. The owners were nice enough to steer us thru the streets to the main square and it’s restaurants.


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