Tafraoute & Icth


Leaving Taroudant we decided to go 179 Km to Tafraoute, a town which was recommended by a couple we had met on the road yesterday.

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The drive there is all on the paved road, though still with amazing views and no traffic.

tafraoute 2

tafraoute 3

tafraoute 5

tafraoute 9

tafraoute 10

tafraoute 12



We took a small detour into one of the villages to see what there was to see….not much. These people have nothing. They have wells for water and they have electricity, but there are no services at all.

icht 15



tafraoute 13

tafraoute 14

From here the road continued to wind thru the hills.


tafraoute 17


Tafraoute is a nice Berber town and there are few tourists. This was market day so many people from surrounding towns were here shopping.

tafraoute 20


The first restaurant we found in town actually had some of the best food we have had so far.

tafraoute 18

tafraoute 19

The local dress for the women is western clothes, but over top the wear a black sari like dress with elaborate embroidered hems.

We found a very nice and very cheap hotel off the main square.


Still headed south we made for Itch in 111 KM. This was initially on the paved 1 lane R 107. It looks a lot like Sedona here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 7.45.19 PM

icht 1


We took a detour on the “ track to the painted rocks” to see said rocks. Belgian artist Jean Verame, painted giant rocks in 1984 in glowing blue colours. They say he used 18 tons of blue colour.

icht 3

icht 4

icht 5

icht 6

icht 7

icht 9



The paved road continues south from Tafraoute thru the rock formations.

icht 13

icht 16

icht 18

From about 20 km out of town the 107 becomes a very good dirt road.

icht 20

icht 32

icht 33



You go thru several canyons and then slowly climb up in to the hills.

icht 21

icht 23

icht 24


The down is a very steep road with hairpin corners and switchbacks.

icht 28

icht 25

icht 30

icht 31








This drops you in the valley where there is an Oasis.

icht 35

icht 36

icht 37

icht 39

icht 40


icht 42


Then you drive along the valley floor, which luckily for us was a very well maintained road thru the riverbed. Also luckily all the river crossings were concreted and the rocks pushed off the roadway.

icht 43

icht 44

icht 48

icht 52

icht 49

icht 50

icht 54

icht 55

icht 56





icht 59


As we rose above the riverbed suddenly in front of you was 2 lanes of paved road.

icht 60

icht 62

From here this took us south across the desert to Icth, which is another Oasis.

icht 63

icht 64

The town is very clean and the locals excited to see us and waved and said “Bon Jour”.

icht 66

icht 67

icht 68

icht 69

icht 73


After a loop thru the town we headed to the nearby oasis for some Berber camping.

icht 74

icht 75



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6 Responses to Tafraoute & Icth

  1. Den Allison says:

    Still here and loving every post.
    Thanks again for taking the time to take “us” along!
    Den, N/W Lake ON, CDA

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for the shout out. It is a lot of work but i think looking back years from now it will be a great journal. I am glad you like to keep us company! Sara

  2. jim barnett says:

    hoping that you had a few pictures of a French Foreign Legion Fort.

    You may have got one in that last series of shots.

    Get more if you can.

    Janis says , “Hello”. Not , “Bon Jour”.

    hot and humid in beautiful “Ontario”.

    • Daniel says:

      I have more posts coming so you will have to look for me! Cold and raining here in Scotland! HUGs to you both. sp

  3. Traugott Schneidtinger says:

    I love watching your pics and comments on your trip. It is so exciting and gives a very good impression of the areas you travel through. Best regards from Austria.

    • Daniel says:

      Thank you so much! Nice to have you along. You will have to give us some advice for Austria for summer 2016! Cheers S&D

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