Six months on the road…19 United States, 2 Canadian Provences, 2 Territories, and 20 Mexican States

We started out from New Westminster BC on June 22, 2012 and headed north! The trip to Inuvik and Alaska offered some challenges in road conditions and weather, but the experience was well worth it. Also when we get to Ushuaia and people ask where we started they cant say ah too bad you left from Vancouver and not from the top of the continent.

Making our way south thru the 2 most Western Canadian Provinces again in questionable weather we finally crossed into Idaho on August 3, 2012. Riding thru the USA we found that each state had it’s own personality and often not the one we expected. Highlights included the Gravely range Road, essentially all of Wyoming and South Dakota, the parks in Utah, every road in Tennessee, and New Orleans. The best part however was meeting the really friendly and interesting people along the way.

We finally made it to Mexico on October 5, 2012. We were in this beautiful country for 10 weeks and despite all forecasts we were not robbed, killed, kidnapped, hassled, or ever ripped off. We travelled thru the central states to Mexico City. Here we were treated like family by the Dymonds and were lucky to have their help with some mechanical issues on the F800. We then headed to Oaxaca to celebrate the day of the dead with good friends. Heading east to one of our favorite spots San Cristobal de las Casas, we were joined by deb Hewson. Next it was a tour of Ancient ruins at Palenque, Calakmul, Chichen Itza, and Uxmal. We were lucky to see thousands of pink flamingos at Celestun. Next we headed back to western Mexico in search of the Monarchs.Now it was really time to book it south and we finally crossed in to Guatemala on December 18, 2012.

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4 Responses to Six months on the road…19 United States, 2 Canadian Provences, 2 Territories, and 20 Mexican States

  1. Denise Pedersen says:

    Wow!! Unbelievable that you have travelled that many years already!!! And, the adventure continues!! Have a good next few years!! Oxoxox

  2. Ruth Lennon says:

    Hi there. I can’t believe that you have been on the road for that many years. You have had an amazing journey. When are you going to start acting like us “old folks” and stay home and write a book?
    Uncle Gordon was up flying again last week. Not bad for almost 85 so I guess you just do what you have to do and keep on living.
    Safe travels. Hugs auntie ruth

    • Daniel says:

      Wow that is great he can still enjoy that! We are back on the road May 1 and should be by your house on the way home in the summer of 2018!!!


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