Santiago part 2

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This morning we headed to the travel agent recommended to us by a friend. She had managed to get us difficult to find air tickets to Easter Island. It seems the tour companies buy up all the LAN air seats and so you cannot get them easily this time of year. Then it was back to Motoaventura for tires, where we found the Kiwi’s tire on hold too. We will also be back here again on the way to Argentina to pick up a set of Heidenau for Clive, since you cannot buy them there or in Brazil.


We returned to Johnny Moto for the work on the 800. But first there was lunch at the famous typical restaurant El Pipeno and shopping for oil for us and part for his shop.

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Then it was time to get to work.

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Saturday we were invited to join Alicia and her friends on a ride to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. We did do a circle route, but the roads we took back are not on google maps.

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We started in Valparaiso where the streets get very steep and narrow so riding with a few bikes can be a challenge. We stopped for a snack of seafood. Still hungry we drove along the coast road in search of good seafood soup.

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We were 8 on 6 bikes from Spain, Chile, Colombia, and Canada. We met up by chance with Peter and Fredrick from South Africa at the lunch spot.

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The plates from the riders.






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3 Responses to Santiago part 2

  1. Clive Rayman says:

    Don’t forget to pick them up!
    Thanks that is really nice. Will most probably see you at Walter and Dagmar’s house in La Falda.

  2. Bryan Pedersen says:

    Way to much fun 🙂

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