Samara Costa Rica

Samara 24

Leaving the dust and heat of Nosara we retreated to the beach at Samara. This was a 28 km ride down a VERY dusty dirt road.

Samara 1

Dan is on the up hill and looking back at me down hill. I’m trying to stay back out of Dan’e dust cloud. The conditions were not too bad yet as there is no traffic, but here comes the dust. This road was nasty also because it was so bumpy. Both of us had numb hands from the road and the ripio.

Samara 2

Samara 3

Samara 31

Samara 4

Samara 5

Samara 6

Samara 7

Samara 8

Samara 9

Samara 10

Samara 11

Samara 12

Samara 13

Samara 42

There is a short cut off of the gravel road on a dirt bit of road and then you hit the pavement a few km from town of Samara. This is a nice little beach town with everything we need. Restaurants, grocery stores, and ice cream shops.

Samara 14

Samara 17

Samara 22

Samara 21

Samara 15

Samara 20

Samara 27

Samara 19

Samara 16

Samara 18

Samara 28

Samara 24

Samara 23

Samara 25

Samara 65

We rode over to the next bay to Playa Carillo for the day. When we came back to samara the Aldanas were bogey boarding.

playa Carillo 7

playa Carillo 6

Samara part 2 8

Samara part 2 6

Samara part 2 7

Samara part 2 1

Samara part 2 1

The carnival was in town so we had a fun night out.






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  1. Norbert Tietze says:

    Hi Sara and Daniel,I see you’r having a good time in Costa Rica ,I will head North next week from Palm Springs.the weather in Vancouver is getting nice ,here it is between 32 and36 degrees C ,
    Hope to see you in Vancouver or Kamloops.


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