Ruta 7 / The Carratera Austral to Lago Las Torres

Getting up the next day we were headed to Coyhaique in 234 km of which 146 was pretty good gravel.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.57.35 PM

to coyhaique 2

to coyhaique 3

Just out of town were stopped as they had cut down a huge tree, which had then fallen on the road so the guys pitched in to speed up the process of clearing the road.

to coyhaique 5

to coyhaique 7

to coyhaique 12


The views were panoramic.

to coyhaique 9

to coyhaique 14

to coyhaique 18

to coyhaique 19

to coyhaique 20

to coyhaique 21

to coyhaique 23

Coming down the mountain on the switch back gravel we finally met the pavement and stopped for lunch in a food bus in Villa Cerro Castillo.

to coyhaique 16

to coyhaique 34

to coyhaique 40

to coyhaique 39

to coyhaique 38

Carerra Austral 20 feb-14 027

Carerra Austral 20 feb-14 028

There were some crazy curves near the end of the day.



to coyhaique 41

to coyhaique 44

to coyhaique 45

Now we have a problem there are 2 important Olympic hockey games today. Sweden vs Finland at 9 am is no issue as we listened on Swedish radio with the wifi in the hostel parking lot. It was Sweden over Finland to advance to the gold medal game. The bigger issue was the Canada vs USA semi final. We decided to head 45 km up the 7 and take a 20 km detour to Puerto Aisen (Aysen), where found 1 “restobar” that had ESPN in Spanish that showed most of the game. The worst part was that at 4 pm they cut out of the last 4 minutes of the game to go to regular programming. Thanks to FB friends who posted the results in real time for us!!! Canada in the Gold metal game vs Sweden! Now its 430 and we finally head out for the day on 110 km of paved road to camp on the lake at Lago Los Torres.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.01.45 PM








The campsite was on the lake and we got a grassy spot for 3 tents, a shelter with a picnic table, and bathroom with flush toilets for 6$ each.






We had a nice view of the surrounding mountains.




Orvar made a run to the nearby town for some essentials while we cooked dinner.




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