Puebla 89

We decided to go the back way to Puebla. Well this was one of our most difficult days since the Dempster. It took 9 1/2 hours to go 450 km. The first 4 hours were over curvy mountain roads thru small villages with hundreds of topes. The last 180 km included 50 km of road that was almost all potholes, a long stretch thru an industrial zone with heavy truck traffic and a huge amount of oil on the road, and the rest at dusk in traffic with the uber aggressive Puebla drivers.

Puebla 2


Puebla 6

Puebla 7

Puebla 8

Puebla 10

Puebla 12

Puebla 14

Puebla 15

We were greeted at the hotel by a fellow Canadian traveler who directed us to a local Cuban bar where we enjoyed food, drink, and a local musician. Puebla has I think has the nicest Cathedral I have seen in Mexico as well as a very nice Zocalo or central square. There is an entire street here filled with candy shops. We samples several of the local sweet treats. This is a nice walking city with a number of pedestrian walkways lined with shops and restaurants. There is actually a real Belgian bar here with a massive selection of Belgian beers. Ahhh Duvall.

Puebla 130

Puebla 108

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