We had planned a short ride today to get ready for a hike tomorrow to the Pulpit Rock. The morning ride out was a bit rainy so we did take it slowly. We backtracked up to the main road and then continued in the rain to the ferry at Hole.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.43.39 PM

The covered bike parking on board improved this crossing.


It was then just a short ride up the scenic road 13 but in the pouring rain to the campsite near The Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock. We checked in and then staked out a spot in the dining hall and stayed there all day. Gene made a friend while writing his blog report.


There was a brief few minutes in the early evening when the rain let up and we rushed out to set up our tents. It rained incredibly hard most of the night. When we got up the weather had improved enough that we decided to make for the hike to the Pulpit rock. This is a 4 km drive from the camping and then a 6 km hike to the view. The first and last 2 km are quite steep while the center is more flat. Most is stone stairs, but one section is a bit more treacherous as the walking is over large rocks. The view was stunning and we timed it well since it started to rain again shortly after our arrival. The walk down was a bit slippery and Sara did take one spill.















light cycle photos 8


light cycle photos 10


light cycle photos 13

Arriving back to the camp we were a bit cold and wet. But there were hot showers and a warm lounge with good wifi!

flam-molde 1

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4 Responses to Preikelstolen

  1. michnus says:

    One day we will get there. It’s one of our absolute bucket list must see places. Seems many other people also think so ūüėÄ

    • Daniel says:

      Yes but prepare for the almost always rainy weather. The cost was less than we feared since we camped almost the entire time and we cooked all our own food except one dinner for almost a month. That said we brought all our nonperishable foods from Sweden. A beer in the grocery store is 10$ and so we had a dry trip as well except at the north cape. The scenery is amazing even in the rain. Sara

  2. Den west of TO says:

    Wow, two of the best ride reports I’ve been following for a while come together, you Canucks have fun eh!

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