Penguins, Ice, and Camping


The afternoon was spent checking out the penguins and then Zodiac touring the ice. There were so many crab eater seals on the fast ice (sea ice attached to the shore) it was amazing. We hiked to see the views of Mount Francais and viewed it thru the old observatory window.

GS4 pm 2

GS4 pm 46

GS4 pm 60

GS4 pm 63

GS4 pm 14

GS4 pm 73

GS4 pm 17

GS4 pm 4

GS4 pm 10

GS4 pm 12

GS4 pm 69

GS4 pm 62

GS4 pm 59

GS4 pm 57

GS4 pm 49

GS4 pm 56

GS4 pm 41

GS4 pm 42

GS4 pm 37

GS4 pm 27

GS4 pm 31

GS4 pm 36

Bismark getting us prepped for camping.


Heading put to the camping landing. We will spend the night in tents with the Penguins near by and an amazing view of Mount Francais.

camping night 1



camping night 2

camping night 16

camping night 5

camping night 10

camping night 17

camping night 26

Hanging out with the penguins as the sunset was so cool.

camping night 19

camping night 24

camping night 25

camping night 48

camping night 63

camping night 66

camping night 78

camping night 54

camping night 56

camping night 59

We were up with the sunrise to hear a huge boom and saw this huge ice burg split in half and then half of it flipped over in the water.

camping night 29

camping night 28

camping night 32

camping night 33

camping night 34

camping night 39

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6 Responses to Penguins, Ice, and Camping

  1. dorothy mcwatters says:

    The pictures keep getting more amazing Mom

  2. Norbert Tietze says:

    Hi Sahra and Daniel I see you guis are heading North again ,after getting frozen in the Antartica.
    Reading Andy’s blog ,you are heading Towards Chile,maby somwhere we will meet, since we will enter Argentina through Tucuman , and only get to Chile in the Southern Part,after Bariloche ,our progres is slow wit the mountain Passes and winding Roads,
    We will spend A Day in hounchaco gardens on the beach before continuen to Cusco.
    Safe riding regards Norbert and Greti

  3. Julie & Tony says:

    Hi Sara & Daniel:

    OMG these photos are absolutely stunning, I can imagine how breathtaking this all is in real life. Isn’t the world and nature amazing. You two are experiencing so much more than anyone could imagine. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Love Julie & Tony

  4. Carl says:

    Got to say thank you for some amazing pictures, its nice to see visual blogs rather than mountains of text.

    We would love to attempt something like this but my wife absolutely adores seals and I doubt she would ever get back on the boat 🙂

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