Paraty & Tiradentes

Paraty 11

From PG we headed to the coast road and north 314 km to Paraty (Parati). This is a scenic drive along the sea to this popular town.

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Paraty 3

The streets in the historic center have the worst deep and sharp cobbles ever, which are challenging at low speed if you get in traffic.

Paraty 1

Paraty 11

Walking around was much easier.

Paraty 15

Paraty 21

Paraty 6

Paraty 13

Paraty 12

Paraty 7

Paraty 9

From Paraty we thought we had an easy 450 km drive on the pavement to Tiradentes. The first hint might have been that Google will not route thru Cunha on the 165 to 459-171, but that is the way the GPS liked. Leaving the beach we headed west and north up over the Serra or mountain.

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The road initially was paved, but a bit worse for wear.

Tiradentes 2

We should have known when the pavement was washed out in sections and then the signpost said, “Use extreme caution.”

Tiradentes 4

Tiradentes 5

Tiradentes 31

From here the road got worse and then steeper and then much worse and much steeper.

Tiradentes 6

Tiradentes 8

Tiradentes 9

Tiradentes 16

Sara’s bike is so low that some of the big rocks give her a hard time. On two occasions Dan had to come back and give her a push start when she got stuck.

Tiradentes 22

Tiradentes 24

Tiradentes 43

The last few km were the most challenging and it was like driving up a very steep riverbed with little choice in the path to take over big rocks on a steep incline around hairpin turns.

Tiradentes 28

Tiradentes 32

Tiradentes 37

Tiradentes 40

Tiradentes 47

After this luckily it got better and then was ultimately graveled and smooth. After the construction zone it was bricked for a few km and then smooth silky asphalt.

Tiradentes 51

Tiradentes 52

Tiradentes 48

Tiradentes 49

Tiradentes 50

Tiradentes 33

Tiradentes 34

Tiradentes 56

Tiradentes 57

Tiradentes 58

It is amazing how in Brazil you can go 300-400 km in a day and it is all curves and incredible vistas!!

Tiradentes 59

Tiradentes 61

Tiradentes 63

After a pretty long day we arrived in Tiradentes, which is our first stop on the trail of Gold. It is one of the smallest and yet best-preserved colonial towns in the state of Minas Gervais. It has several 300 year old buildings including the gold filled Matriz church.

Tiradentes 71

Tiradentes 69

Tiradentes 70

Tiradentes 74

Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes was the leader of the Brazillian revolutionary movement whose aim was to achieve independence from Portuguese rule and create a Brazilian Republic.

Tiradentes 98

Tiradentes 99

The small Posada we had booked was just outside the historic center. We walked over the cobbled streets and the “stone bridge” into the old city. This is a warren of steep coble streets lined with brightly colored buildings.

Tiradentes 75

Tiradentes 76

Tiradentes 72

Tiradentes 73

Tiradentes 104

Tiradentes 83

Tiradentes 84

Tiradentes 85

Tiradentes 82

Tiradentes 78

Tiradentes 79

Tiradentes 93

Tiradentes 94

Tiradentes 95

Tiradentes 96

At the top of the hill is the Matriz church with a panoramic view of the valley and the Serra or ridge. This town must be packed with tourists at the weekend judging by the number of places to stay, but on a Tuesday it was fairly quiet.

Tiradentes 81

Tiradentes 77

Tiradentes 89

Tiradentes 86

Tiradentes 88

Tiradentes 92

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    Hi Sara & Daniel,

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