N’Kob & Dades

N'kob 19

Today we headed to N’kob in 225 km, but opted to start via the pist and to ride along the dunes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.28.07 PM

N'kob 4

N'kob 5

N'kob 6


N'kob 8

N'kob 11

N'kob 14

N'kob 15

N'kob 16

Our friends had suggested a stop at Yasmina Lake. This is a lake formed by rainfall and is seasonal. The road is a bit sandy in spots. The only marker to the turn off is this small sign.

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N'kob 17

N'kob 19


N'kob 21

N'kob 23

N'kob 22

N'kob 25

N'kob 26

From here we rode on the gravel until we connected back to the main highway. We needed to stop in Rissani for money since there is no bank machine in Merzouga.

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N'kob 31

N'kob 32




N'kob 33

N'kob 34

N'kob 35


N'kob 39

On the road west to N’kob you head 10 km west from the town and there is an unmarked track to the right. This leads to the Cascavel Portuguesa. This was built to contain water for irrigation. Now you can drive thru the opening in the wall and up to the spectacular viewpoint.

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N'kob 40

N'kob 41

N'kob 43

N'kob 45

N'kob 46


N'kob 48


N'kob 51

N'kob 53



N'kob 67

Leaving here we continued onto N’kob. We drove around to a few Kasbahs before we found one that was no too expensive. The others were filled with riders on tours. The nice thing about the Kasbahs is they usually include dinner and breakfast.

Getting up this morning we had a 250 km day and some of it off road.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.35.41 PM

We headed west again to the track from the paved road.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.36.10 PM

It is marked with the big yellow sign.

dades 1

dades 3

dades 4

The initial section is hard packed and gravel.

dades 5

dades 6

dades 9

dades 7

dades 10

dades 13

dades 15

dades 19

dades 20

dades 23

The middle section is a lot rockier with sandy sections at the now dry river crossings.

dades 11

dades 21

dades 18

dades 22

dades 27

dades 29

dades 31

dades 35



We did initially think we could make it on the track straight thru to the waterfalls, but the river it way too high on April 1. We backtracked about 2 km and then asked a local farmer if this track led to the next town across the river (i.e. a bridge) and it did.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.38.03 PM

dades 40

dades 41




Sara did have an issue with the bike not starting, and this may be from the fan needing to be on in the heat and not enough speed to charge the battery. Luckily Orvar still had some water for us and we could jump start the bike. Also luckily we were just about 200 m from the end of the sand and about 5 km from the pavement.

dades 28

dades 44

dades 46


Out on the highway after 50 km we stopped in Ouarzazate for food and to check the battery was charging.

dades 50

dades 53

We made friends with these lovely girls at the boulangerie.


dades 55

dades 57

From here we had another 110 km to Boulamaine Dades. Our Kasbah was up on the hill across from and with a great view of the town and the sunset. We decided to stay here two nights to get a bit of a rest.

dades 62

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