Madrid again?! The last post of 2015!!!

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Heading south again it was 2 degrees leaving the Bordeaux region. We backtracked to Roquefort and then veered west to Pau. From here we left the vineyard and headed into the hills again. There is a 7 km long tunnel that starts in France and ends in Spain. Our idea was to get a far as possible today and be as near to Madrid as we could.

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Luckily the temperature did get much better after noon and was a tolerably 14. We stopped at a small village with 1 hotel in La Almunia de Dona Godina. Today is the final push towards Madrid. It is just 200 km to Guadalajara (60 km north of the capital) and on the highway we made quick time.

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We wanted to get the bikes washed and all our clothes and the suits cleaned. This was accomplished all in one location at the Repsol gas station in Guadalajara where they have a car wash and a free standing Lavandaria Automatico. This is a box like building essentially with industrial washers and dryers in it. This means we were done in just over an hour. That left the rest of the afternoon to relax.


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Just 18 km north of Guadalajara is a small village called Torija. Here we met with several of our Madrid friends for a days ride out. Antonio and Natalia whom we stayed with in Marbella and Modesto whom we had stayed with in Madrid last time and who has been such a bit help with the bikes. We stopped in Patones, which is a medieval village perched on the hillside. Dan’s 800 also hit 170,000 km today.

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  1. Howard Millichap says:

    Merry Christmas guys.

  2. Robert Hayes says:

    Wishing You a very Merry Christmas and All the Best in The New Year……..


  3. David says:

    Good to see you both last week will look forward to your next year’s Travels. Have a good Christmas.

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