Headed to the coast of Brazil

bom jardim de serra 39

The next day was cooler, but not raining and we headed to the Mirante of the Rastro. Here you can see all the stickers from Brazilian moto clubs.

bom jardim de serra 25

bom jardim de serra 28

bom jardim de serra 41

bom jardim de serra 34

bom jardim de serra 37

bom jardim de serra 39

bom jardim de serra 42

bom jardim de serra 43

Riding down we stopped for a photo op and got to see the pig truck make a 3 -point turn at the corner. You can see where the trucks have scraped the barrier on the way down.

bom jardim de serra 46

bom jardim de serra 45

bom jardim de serra 47

bom jardim de serra 48

bom jardim de serra 49

bom jardim de serra 50

We had a 34 km ride down hill to Lauro Muller where we stopped for a wash up, and then we headed off road after 15 km more at Orleans. Then we took the 390 off road for 45 km to hit the 101 and head north 30 km to Laguna.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 5.45.32 PM

bom jardim de serra 51

On the way to Laguna and about 10 km from the town we had a white car wave at us and take some pictures. This happens all the time, but today they stopped beside us at a light and handed us stickers from their Laguna Moto Club.

Laguna 2

Laguna 4

Carlos then asked if we needed anything. Dan said we were looking for a hotel and he said follow us. They drove us thru the historic district to a hotel just off the beach. He knew the owners spoke English. Carlos and Paula were so awesome they sent us the pictures and all their contact info incase we needed help. Carlos also posted a ton of stuff about us on the Brazilian motorcycle web site he writes for!

Laguna 7

Laguna 8

We went for a drive along the waterfront where the surf must really come up as there is sand on the roadway at least 500 m from the sea.

Laguna 32

Laguna 9

Laguna 43

We drove out the spit.

Laguna 30

Laguna 26

Laguna 28

Laguna 23

Laguna 25

Laguna 12

The big reason I had wanted to come here was that a few years ago on TV I saw a documentary that included a piece on Laguna and how the dolphins here help the local fisherman to catch fish. They herd the fish towards them and then jump up to signal the men to throw their nets.

Laguna 19

Laguna 11

Laguna 13

Laguna 16

We then drove around the old historic part of town and up to the Mirante of Gloria to get a panoramic view of the city.

Laguna 35

Laguna 36

Laguna 34

Laguna 37

Laguna 39

Laguna 38

Dan has found a new favorite in the Crepe Suiza. This is a crepe on a stick. The center has meat and cheese and the sides have cheese or chocolate.




I’m a fan of the Caipiroska stand.


Now THIS is a trike!

Laguna 45

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  1. Denis A Seguin says:

    Hola Amig@s canadienses,

    I am following your adventure with great interest! The switchbacks you just travel are out of this world…
    Dan – did you get a new byke?
    Cheers and safe travels (We met in Nicaragua in 2013)

    Denis André Séguin

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