Headed to Lake Myvatn (midge lake)

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Husavik is the whale capital of Iceland and the start of the Diamond route in north Iceland. The main sites on this route are the town of Husavik, Asbyrgi Canyon, Lake Myvatn, and Dettifoss falls.

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Leaving town of Husavik we rode north until we spotted one of the many sod storehouses you see all over.

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Dan found a motocross track and had to take the fully loaded 800 for a spin.

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We took the paved road up and around to stop at the visitor’s center at Asbyrgi Canyon. This canyon is a horseshoe shaped depression in the Vatnajokull National Park. It is 3.5 km long and 1.1 km across. It is divided for about half the way by a rock “island” popular for hiking. The canyon cliffs are 100 meters high and there is a nice nature walk at the trailhead.

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From here we took the dirt road on the west side of the Jokulsa a Fjollum river. The narrow road has a surprising amount of traffic especially nearer the south end.

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Midway you can stop to see the lava echo rock formations at Hljodaklettar. The clusters of basalt rock columns are horizontal here instead of the usual vertical ones formed when lava is rapidly cooling. This creates an echo effect that makes it impossible to tell in which direction the roar of the river is coming from.

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As you continue on the road south it gets a bit sandy in spots and speeding mini busses become a hazard. The road is paved jut at the entrance to Dettifoss. These falls are 100 meters wide and the drop is 45 meters and said to be the most powerful falls in Europe.




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The sun finally came out are created some cool rainbows in the spray over the falls.

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2 km downstream is the sister falls of Hafrailsfoss.

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The road continues south to meet the highway 1 and we went east towards Reykjahlid on the northeast shore of Lake Myvatn. On the way you will find the geothermal park of Hverir. This moon-like landscape has boiling mud pots, steam vents, and colorful mineral deposits. The stench of sulphur can be a bit overwhelming.

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Nearing the village there is a nature bath and an ice blue lake created by the geothermal plant.

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